Why Does My Chair Mat Keep Cracking

Why Does My Chair Mat Keep Cracking

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Why does my chair mat keep cracking?

Why does my chair mat keep cracking

There are many reasons for chair mat cracking. I want to tell you that why your chair mat keeps cracking.

Actually, your chair mat keeps cracking because those mats are generally made of vinyl or PVC.

Vinyl is one of the cheapest materials available. It is easy for manufacturers to make vinyl clear or opaque, which is why vinyl is widely used for chair mats.

It is also very light, so it has a tendency to slide and slip on hardwood floors.

If you don’t have a non-slip back, you can still anchor yourself by putting your desk legs on it. Either option would overcome the slippage problem.

PVC is another cheap material that shares some common properties with vinyl.

It also shares some problems, like slippage. However, with the proper backing, PVC is a good material for a chair mat.

Other Material Characteristics

Clear chair rugs are popular because they allow the color of the floor to show through – and if you have a hardwood floor, you probably want to show it off.

However, not all transparent materials are created equal. The same can be said for non-transparent rugs.

  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is a tough, naturally transparent plastic often used in bulletproof glass and airplane windows. It is widely used as a lens in glasses and is quite resistant to heat. Chair rugs made of polycarbonate are durable and strong. They are also slightly more expensive than vinyl and PVC.
  • Tempered glass: Glass chair mats are completely non-deformable. They are transparent and heavy enough to stay in position on any floor. They are also the most expensive material for chair rugs. They typically come with extended manufacturer warranties, which is something other rugs typically don’t have.


See-through rugs are the most popular, but black rugs are also common. Some manufacturers offer a range of colors that span the rainbow.

However, these are the exception rather than the rule.


Some chair mats are listed as antistatic mats. This is useful if you are a computer technician who repairs or builds computers and laptops.

Static discharge can be deadly to exposed computer components, which is why those technicians need to have a static-free mat under them at all times.


Plastic chair mats often have a distinctive odor when they first arrive. If a mat is listed as BPA-free, it shouldn’t have any odor.

If your carpet has an odor, dispose of it in an open space (like a garage), and give it 24 hours to air out before putting it in place.

Outer lip

Some chair mats for hardwood floors have trim around the edge to prevent the chair from rolling off the rug onto the bare floor.

Think of it as a road curb for your carpet. It’s a nice feature, but it can also trip you up when you walk around the mats.

Are Chair Mats Worth It

Are Chair Mats Worth It

We are here to provide exclusive information to you. Knowledge is a power bank for everyone.

Now time to come to the right point that you want to know. So you are here to know “Are chair mats worth it?”

Are chair mats worth it?

Are chair mats worth it (1)

Yes, Of course, a chair mat worth it. Chair mats for hardwood floors are beautiful, durable, and easy to keep clean.

They shine like a champion. Their durability and ease of maintenance have made them a perennial favorite for decades.

But wood can be abraded, sanded, if you will, by the repeated movements of an office chair rolling over the same area over and over again.

When that happens, it leaves behind a worn patch that is visibly lighter in color than the rest of the wood around it.

Restoring weathered hardwood to its original color is nearly impossible without sanding the entire floor and staining it.

Not only is that expensive, but it is also time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a better way: a chair mat.

A chair mat can protect your hardwood floor for pennies on the dollar compared to retroactive restoration.

There is a wide variety of chair rugs on the market, with different colors, materials and sizes available.

We can help you find the one that … is right for you. Read on, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right rug for your hardwood floor.

Key considerations


How big is the area that the chair mat needs to protect? Some rugs have a tongue or ledge on one side to protect the floor under a desk where your feet are.

If you have a footrest under your desk, you probably don’t need a carpet extension, but if you don’t, you should consider it.

The layout of your room will also be a determining factor in the size of the chair mat you need.

If your office chair resides in a confined space with file cabinets and other office equipment taking up floor space, you will need a smaller rug.

Avoid unnecessary returns by measuring the area where the mat will be.

So to be safe, ask for a rug that is an inch or two smaller than your measurements.


The thickness of chair mats for hardwood flooring is not a critical concern unless the manufacturer ships the product rolled.

If that happens, a thicker carpet will take longer to flatten than a thinner one.

If a chair mat is thicker than 0.1 inch, it should probably be used on carpets and rugs.


More important than the thickness is the grip on the back or bottom of the chair mat.

If it has little spikes, that means it is a carpet chair mat. For the protection of hardwood flooring, the back of the mat should be smooth and not slippery.

If it slides across the floor when you’re rolling your chair or when you’re walking on it, it will act as a giant piece of sandpaper against the floor.

That will defeat the goal of having the carpet in the first place.

Are Chair Mats Bad For Carpet

Are Chair Mats Bad For Carpet

Do you notice that your living room is missing something? Do you think your decoration is not complete? You may have chosen all of its pieces carefully, but you still haven’t achieved that feeling of home you are looking for. Maybe it lacks warmth? One way to achieve this is by placing something as simple as mats.

This element can not only be used in the living room, there are models for the rest of the rooms and even outdoors.

The key is to always find the right one. Do you want to give your home a new look?

So, pay attention to this buying guide for chair mats.

Are chair mats bad for carpet?

Are chair mats bad for carpet

Actually, all chair mats not bad for carpet. Some kind of chair mats is very bad for carpet. It depends on your use.

There are many hard chair mats that break down the fibers and it also damages the carpet.

So you need to use very friendly chair mats for the carpet.

Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs

Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs

Your chair mats need to be water-resistant for when you will inevitably drop a pot or spill something out of the refrigerator door.

  • It should also be super soft to save falling dishes and also give your feet a break when cooking for long periods of time.
  • If your kitchen tends to be very busy, a flat-weave rug is an ideal choice. Flat textures tend to be colorfast, so they are beautiful and durable.
  • They are made of cotton and other easy-care fibers, which means that when they are dirty you can machine wash them. Your pets will also be less interested in tearing a flat-weave rug, as it’s woven with smaller loops that don’t grab as easily with teeth and nails.
  • Do you have tile floors in the kitchen? Consider placing a wool rug under your kitchen table. This way the floor will warm up immediately, enhancing your decor. A thicker carpet also provides extra padding underfoot to add comfort and reduce noise.

How are traditional mats made?

Traditional mats are made on a loom on which the warp is fixed, a kind of vertical thread base.

Knots are tied on these threads in each row and then fastened with the weft, which is horizontal threads.

The threads are changed to achieve the desired design. In the end, there will be hair on one side of the carpet and knots on the other.

What characteristics stand out from traditional mats?

Today most mats are bought online, in large stores or in specialized stores.

But if you want to acquire a more special model, you can opt for those that come from Arab and eastern countries.

It’s quality fabrics and its long tradition of making this type of pieces stand out.

Its fabrics are dyed by hand, using 100% natural pigments and each model is unique.

Their handmade embroideries are usually very striking, they have floral, geometric or animal-related motifs, among others.

If they are original and of quality, these mats will have a fairly high price.

What Is The Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

What Is The Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

We are here to provide exclusive information to you. Knowledge is a power bank for everyone.

Now time to come to the right point that you want to know. So you are here to know “What is the best chair mat for hardwood floors?”

What is the best chair mat for hardwood floors?

What is the best chair mat for hardwood floors

The office chair mat is one of the floor protection mats. Mysuntown office chair mat is the best chair mat for hardwood floors.

It should prevent the subsurface from wearing out too quickly. Your body weight, which is only distributed over a few roles, creates a lot of pressure on the floor.

Accordingly, you increase the wear and tear on laminate, parquet and tiles.

The same applies to carpets and carpets, which are often designed for the comfort factor at the desk.

We want to recommend you Mysuntown Office Chair Mat for hardwood floors.

Office chair mat as a carpet: If you want a more elegant look, this special floor protection mat is also available as a carpet.

It warms your feet a little and has a slightly noise-reducing effect.

Important: An office chair mat with knobs/spikes is intended for carpets.

This is how you can recognize the underside. These bumps can scratch hard floors.

The affected area then has to be replaced relatively quickly. What comes with avoidable costs.

For this reason, office chair pads were developed. A small and inexpensive tool for your home office and at work.

Advantages of good office chair pads at a glance:

  • Effective floor protection under office chairs
  • A cheap solution to avoid expensive repairs
  • Suitable for the home office, offices, receptions, etc.
  • Available in different designs and sizes.

Are you now thinking about purchasing the right office chair mat? Then you should compare the different models according to these aspects:

Scope of application

Ok, the purpose is clear. What we mean by this is simply that the search should be made more concrete.

Enter, for example, “office chair pad transparent” or “office chair pad carpet”.

This means that you only receive the relevant search results on Amazon, eBay & Co and save time.


Measure the diameter once, which results from the circular arrangement under the seat.

The width of the mat should be a few centimeters more. As a precaution, assume the length is twice as long.

So you have already found the optimal size to order.

Material & thickness

Choose between plastic and carpet. If the look is not so important to you, we would always use a transparent plastic model.

This material hardly wears out and is cheap to buy. Carpets, on the other hand, should enhance the workplace and improve the feeling of comfort.

You do not have to pay attention to the thickness (mat thickness). Such a protective mat is made very thin.

Nevertheless, it proves to be robust and should do its job for the next few years.

Design & colors

The office chair pad is mainly offered transparently. Presumably based on the customer’s request that the floor below should still be visible.

Colorful floor mats are suitable depending on the interior and color of your floor covering.

It then becomes one with its subsurface and secretly fulfills its purpose.

What different office chair mats are there?

What different office chair mats are there

They only differ in appearance and the material used. They continue to serve the same purpose.

Office chair mats made of plastic: Most often you will find this model to be bought.

Plastic can be manufactured cost-effectively and given in any shape. Also as an office chair mat.

Optionally in color or as a transparent solution to be less noticeable.

Can I Use A Hard Floor Chair Mat On Carpet

Can I Use A Hard Floor Chair Mat On Carpet

We are here to provide exclusive information to you. Knowledge is a power bank for everyone.

Now time to come to the right point that you want to know. So you are here to know “Can I use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet?”

Can I use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet?

Can I Use A Hard Floor Chair Mat On Carpet

Yes, you can use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet. It’s not harmful to the carpet.

When you want to highlight the decoration of the floors of our spaces, the use of a carpet is ideal.

Therefore, you have made the decision to buy a carpet to enforce your home or office as you wish.

That is why in this article we will give you an overview on how to use a rug, taking into account that it is a very important decorative aspect for environments, in addition to helping to keep warm for longer.

Lay the mat on the site depending on its size

Many people make the mistake of laying the carpet without taking into account the size of the space with respect to it.

It is not appropriate to place a rug in the center of a room or room if it is very small with respect to the space of that environment unless.

It has some characteristic that distinguishes it, for example, as an animal shape.

In case you place it under a living room table, make sure the rug is bigger than the table.

For the main room, it is recommended to use a large carpet, whose distance from the walls is not less than 50 cm or more than 1 meter.

Make sure the color and style of your rug match the place

When placing the rug, you should verify that the color matches the furniture, curtains, walls, and other accessories in the room, such as the sofa cushions.

For example, if the environment in your living room is light in color, you can use dark shade mats or vice versa.

A strong-toned rug stands out in settings with light-colored hardwood floors.

If the carpet is patterned, you must play with the tones of the place where you are going to place it, achieving a harmonious atmosphere and taking care of every detail of the decoration.

Black and white rugs are appropriate for rooms with light tones and minimalist style.

Colorful rugs give your living room a more attractive and functional look. If your furniture is a colorful shade, the rug should be a similar shade.

Of course, you should not overlook your style and personality, which should influence when decorating your living room or bedroom with a rug.

Make sure to place the rug in the center of the room where you are going to put it.

Now, in the case of dining table rugs, you should verify that it is larger than the dining table since it can interfere when you move the chairs from one place to another or they will get stuck in case want to sit down.