For a perfect and ergonomic workspace, there are various things that must be present in the room. Ergonomic chair and the desk are basic necessities of a perfect workspace. You can also invest in other items that inspire productivity and efficiency. One such specific item is a chair mat.

Chair mats are useful investments as they protect your hardwood flooring or thickly carpeted flooring from regular wear and tear. Caster wheels of office chair move constantly, which can scratch or damage the flooring underneath it. So, chair mats are a necessity of a perfect and ergonomic workspace.

This is not the only benefit that you can receive from the chair mats. There are also various other benefits of the chair mats, which are given below:

Easy Movement of Chair:

The easy movement of the chair reduces the chances of strain injuries. If you are wondering that employees or workers do not move chairs at all. You are wrong.

Many studies have been conducted on the subject that concludes that employees move chairs approximately 290 times a day. It means that little movement stands a chance of injuring you. So, chair mats allow chairs to move easily.


Chair mats are scratch-resistant. So, chair mats for thick carpets prevent the carpet from getting damaged.

Leg-Fatigue and Poor Posture:

Chair mats help in improving your posture. Chair mats for thick carpets are textured on the upper surface. So, your office chair moves freely on the carpet. You can readjust the position of your chair as many times as you want to prevent leg-fatigue. Good posture reduces your leg-fatigue, keeping you fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Strength and Durability:

When you buy a product, you make an investment in it for the comfort and warmth you need. The strong and heavy-duty chair mats withstand everyday wear and tear easily. Your investment in chair mats is long-lasting because most of the top-brands offer durable and powerful chair mats.

No-Curl or Bending Edges:

Chair mats for carpeted floors have no curls or bending edges, which is why chair mats for thick carpets create a smooth and firm surface for the chairs. So, chairs do not sink into the surface area. Therefore, chair mats for thick carpets are capable of preventing slipping or tripping accidents.

How Thick Should A Chair Mat Be?

The thickness of the chair mat is determinant of the ease and convenience that chair mats give. If the chair mat is not as thick as you want, your chair mat would be useless. Chair mats for hard surfaces come in one thickness.

While chair mats for carpet are manufactured in a various number of thicknesses. Chair mats for carpeted rooms are offered in four thicknesses. They are given below:

The thickness of Economy Carpets: Economy chair mats are manufactured for low-profile carpets, which have 100 mils or 1/10” thickness.

Chair Mats for Regular Carpets: Regular carpet chair mats are manufactured for low-profile and medium-profile carpets. The thickness of regular chair mats is 125 mil or 1/8 inches.

Standard Chair Mats: These chair mats are manufactured for the medium profile carpets with paddings. The thickness of standard chair mats is 145 mil or 1/7 inches.

Premium Chair Mats: These highest-quality chair mats are manufactured for all types of carpets. These are plush chair mats for carpets having ¾ thickness.

The general rule of thumb is that a chair mat must be approximately 3/8 inches thick.

Are Chair Mats Bad For Carpet?

No. Chair mats are not bad for the carpet. Every office space needs a specific chair mat. The downforce of a chair is heavier than the 1000 footsteps. So, you need a chair mat to protect your carpet from getting damaged. A chair mat disperses this downforce and prevents the carpet from getting damaged.

A chair mat would prove to be bad for the carpet if you place a heavier chair mat on a low-profile carpet or vice versa. You have to buy a perfect chair mat for the right carpet; otherwise, chair mats would be bad for the carpet.

What Is A Lip On A Chair Mat?

A lip on a chair is defined as the extension or protrusion from the edge of the mat. The extension of the chair mat ensures that your chair would not scratch or dent the carpet or hardwood floor underneath the chair mat. The purpose of a lip on the chair mat protects the floor in case you roll the chair inside the desk.

How Do I Keep My Chair Mat From Moving?

There are many techniques that will help you in keeping your chair mat from moving. Some of the techniques are detailed here:

Double-Sided Tape:

You can prevent your chair mat from sliding by inserting a double-sided tap underneath the chair mat. This technique works on hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are slippery, so an adhesive can only keep the chair mat intact on the hardwood floor.

Choosing a Mat with Anti-Slip Feature:

You can choose a mat that has an anti-slip feature. Rubber non-slip backing keeps your chair mat in a single place.

Buying a Chair Mat with Gripper or Claw-Type Backing:

You can purchase a chair mat that has gripper or claw-type backing or a flat-backing. So, you must go for the chair mat with gripper or claw-type backing. Chair mat with gripper backing will not move from its area. It would stick to the floor as if an adhesive has been put there.

Non-Skid Underlay:

If your chair mat moves after attempting all of the above, non-skid underlay would be the next thing to try. You can cut the non-skid underlay in the perfect size, and put it between carpet and mat. It is a cheaper yet most effective solution for your problem.


Chair mats for thick carpet serve different purposes. Chair mat reduces your leg fatigue, increases your productivity, and protects carpeted or hardwood flooring from any damage.