A sliding mat is a dangerous hazard in any home that can lead to falls and injuries.

Children and pets often run around the house regardless of the floor, and a slippery mat can have disastrous consequences if left unchecked. Placing something under the rug to add grip or friction will help.how do I keep my chair mat from sliding on carpet

How do I keep my chair mat from sliding on carpet?

The chair mats give a certain elegance in any environment. However, the dangerous thing about this decorative object is that it slides very easily, which can cause accidents. Especially if there are children in the house.

Keep Plastic mat

This product is generally used to protect wood floors from a table or chair scratches. However, they can help prevent the carpet from slipping.

Because the plastic in the mat has a rougher surface than hardwood floors, this helps to avoid creating any friction, causing the mat to stick when pressed onto it.

Rubber pad

These are very useful to prevent the carpets from moving, this is because they generate an adhesion or friction against the floor. To use it, you must purchase those that are thin, otherwise, it may cause the mat to rise, increasing the chances of causing tripping. Try to buy the vinyl mats, they only need to be glued in each corner.

Double-sided tape

This tape allows the carpet to be fixed in a specific place. Due to the glue, it contains, it will prevent it from sliding and will not cause any damage to your tapestry.

Of course, this should be changed regularly for the best results. You will also have to clean the surface well so that there are no sticky residues that can damage the floor.

Velcro straps

Velcro, like double-sided tape, contains a part that is covered with glue. This must adhere to the floor where the carpet will go, and due to the teeth it has, it will prevent the tapestry from sliding off the surface.

These should be changed regularly as they can lose the glue. When you remove the Velcro from the mat you should do it carefully as it can cause some fibers to come off at the bottom.