In today’s world, having a vehicle in possession makes a lot of our work simple. A personal car helps us to save a lot of time.

However, when you have a car, you have to maintain the car properly to get its service for a long time ahead.

Besides, like the exterior of your vehicle, the interior, and ambiance help to leave a great impression about you.

So, here in this article, we are going to talk about ten of the most elegant best floor mats for Chevy Silverado that will change the standard interior look of your car into a classy one.

Try these exquisite floor mats today.

Top Chart Of The Floor Mats For Chevy Silverado

ImageTitleRatingCheck Latest Price
Motor Trend MT-773-BK Black FlexTough Baseline

[Editor's Choice]

4.3/5Check Latest Price
Husky Liners Fits 2014-18 Chevrolet Silverado

[Editor's Choice]

4.4/5Check Latest Price
MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black4.2/5Check Latest Price
Motor Trend MT_923-BK Black FlexTough4.4/5Check Latest Price
MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black4.3/5Check Latest Price
Husky Liners Fits 2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado4.1/5Check Latest Price
MAXLINER Floor Mats Liner Set4.4/5Check Latest Price
Husky Liners Fits 2014-184.2/5Check Latest Price
Husky Liners Fits 2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado4.3/5Check Latest Price
Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Black Front and Rear Floor Liner Kit4.2/5Check Latest Price

Why do we need the best floor mats for Chevy Silverado

There are a lot of floor mats available in the market. However, we want to give the best treatment to our car.

Because naturally, we don’t want to install a cheap floor mat this week that we have to change again a few weeks later.

That just will be some extra money wasted. Instead, we should opt for the floor mats for Chevy Silverado so that it gives us a lasting service.

Here we will talk about a few reasons to opt for the floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

Best floor mats are weather resistant: 

The floor mats for your Chevy Silverado has to be weather resistant. Drastic weather changes can ruin the design and shape of your car’s floor mat.

So look for this feature while you are opting to buy a floor mat for your Chevy Silverado.

Floor mats will help you to keep your car clean:

Floor mats mostly help you to keep your car clean. If you have a pet or kids traveling with you in your vehicle, these floor mats are going to keep your car clean.

Even you don’t have a pet or a kid, think about the days when it is raining outside. In those moments, when you come running towards your car, your shoes will soak water, and that can make your car unclean.

Can also make your car look cool:

There are different types of floor mats, and while the normal floor mats are for general purposes, there are some 3D printed floor mats, and transparent floor mats that will give your car a themed look, or a new look that you want. You can thus, try these floor mats to make your vehicle look cool too.

So, these were the reasons why you should consider buying floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

Now, as we know a brief about why we should opt for the floor mat for Chevy Silveradowe have prepared a list below with the top 10 floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

Check the list given below.

The top 10 finest floor mats to make your car look exquisite:

As we have mentioned, there are a lot of car floor mats available in the market. However, some of them does not worth the money, whereas some does not worth the car.

So, this was a widespread problem for people who have cars to choose the right floor mat for their vehicle. So, here is a list of top 10 floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

1.Motor Trend MT-773-BK Black FlexTough Baseline:

The Motor Trend MT-773-BK Black FlexTough Baseline- Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats are here in our list of a floor mat for Chevy Silverado because of its efficiency.

This eco-tech product is made from EVA rubber that is odorless. These amazing floor mats are custom fit and have a trimmable design to fit in your vehicle.

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  • The trimmable design fits perfectly in any car or SUV truck van.
  • Made from Odourless EVA rubbers
  • Most loved for durability and efficiency.
  • Thick and heavy-duty liners are very flexible to fit into your car.


  • The middle portion of the mats is too long.

2. Husky Liners Fits 2014-18 Chevrolet Silverado:

The Husky Liners will very comfortably fit in the 2014-17 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Pickup and a lot more of Chevrolet cars.

The footwell coverage of these heavy-duty liners is going to cover the complete footwell.

However, it does not include coverage on the second seat. The StayPut cleats underneath the liner help the liner to hold in place.

It guarantees no-hassle for the lifetime. This is a great product to keep your car clean. Besides, the FormFit Edge runs along with the door jam.

Plus, if all these were not enough, the cleaning process of these liners are convenient. A damp cloth or sponge will do.

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  • The cleaning process is very handy. A damped cloth or sponge can clean this easily.
  • The FormFit Edge runs along with the door jam.
  • StayPut Cleats helps the liner from moving around under our feet.
  • Footwell Coverage covers the entire footwell.
  • You can save up to 20% while purchasing a combo set of both back and front liners.


  • It does not fit the 2015 Chevy Colorado.
  • The footwell does not cover under the second seat.

3. MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black:

These amazing floor mats are on our list of top 10 floor mats because it is a favorite of a lot of consumers. They have used it and are satisfied with the service it provides.

This fantastic product is stain and weather-resistant.

It is made with Odourless rubber, that will protect your car, and thus will also be protecting the resell value of the vehicle.

These custom-fit floor mats are the perfect example of engineering precision. The mat protects your car’s floors by stopping spills and other mess.

Besides, you can easily clean it too.

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  • A very affordable brand compared to the other brands on our list.
  • These floor mats will give you an all-weather protection irrespective of the condition outside.
  • It helps in preventing spills from reaching the carpet below.
  • It is very easy to clean and effortless to maintain.


  • These floor mats are only for crew cabs.
  • There is no other color option other than black.

4. Motor Trend MT_923-BK Black FlexTough:

Motor Trend got the very first entry on our list. And it again got another of their products in our list of top 10 floor mats for Chevy Silverado

However, this also was an unavoidable entry in the list.

The FlexTough technology has made this product a must inclusion as the main material of this product; the hard rubber has given tests in extreme conditions to prove its worth.

The rubberized nibs ensure that the floor mat does not move an inch once places in your car.

The product includes guards against spills. The developers have made this product last through rains, snow, and mud.

Besides, the product has been made Trimble so that it could fit in your car easily.

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  • You can trim it until it fits with just a pair of scissors.
  • It will give the car floor total protection from anything and everything.
  • The rubber used to make this product is a hundred percent odorless.
  • It can go through any weather conditions. Irrespective of the weather outside.


  • Sometimes does not stay at the right place. Keep moving beneath your feet.

5. MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black :

The MAXLINER floor mats are one of the best floor mats you can have for your car. This amazing floor mat has 4X4 floor-mounted shifter with very good vinyl flooring.

There is liner cover underneath the 2nd row.

This is what differentiates this MAXLINER floor mats from the other floor mats. These floor mats are weather-resistant, stain-resistant, and completely odorless.

These custom-fit floor mats by MAXLINER will help you to protect the carpeted floors of your car.

The amazing skid-resistant surface of the liners are easy to clean and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining these floor mats.

The lifetime warranty of the brand backs the modern style and the durability of these fantastic floor mats.

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  • Snugly fits in the first row, also gives the deepest protection to the second row.
  • It is an All-weather as well as stain-resistant floor mats.
  • Will keep your car floor safe from any dirt, dust, or debris and will keep the resale value of your car intact.
  • It has a textured skid-resistant surface.
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain.


  • The seller of the product does not recommend using these liners on vinyl floors.
  • Only fit in the crew cabs.

6. Husky Liners Fits 2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado :

The amazing floor mat designs by Husky are designed and manufactured in the USA. The hassle-free installation will help you to make your car clean.

The brand also offers a lifetime guarantee to this product. This is an amazing product that will cover the entire footwell.

However, the footwell coverage is not there under the second seat.

The amazing StayPut Cleats helps this floor mats to be on its place, meaning these StayPut Cleats will not allow them to move under your feet.

These floor mats can be a great buy for you.

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  • The footwell coverages cover the entire footwell of the first seat.
  • StayPut Cleats helps them to hold in position.
  • The product is backed with a lifetime guarantee by the brand.
  • The raised FormFit edges run along with the door jam.


  • It does not include footwell coverage under the second seat.

7. MAXLINER Floor Mats Liner Set :

This amazing modern and sleek design of these floor mats and liners set won the hearts of most of the car owners.

The all-weather and stain-resistant car mats are the best things you can have if you want to keep your car clean.

These fantastic floor mats and liners set are completely odorless. These custom-fit precision mats are the mats that can protect your vehicle from becoming a mess.

The textured skid-resistant surface of this product will also give you more grip too.

These floor mats are easy to clean and easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about your car floor with this guard of MAXLINER floor mats are on to protect them.

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  • Affordable than any other brands on the list
  • Is a very efficient floor mat to protect your car floor
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • The stooping spills help a lot to protect the floor from any kind of a mess.
  • Skid-resistant surface helps to clean the product easily.


  • It only fits in classic body style Silverado/ Sierra crew cab.
  • Liners retain no shape and lay flat

8. Husky Liners Fits 2014-18 :

FormFit Design process of these husky liners Fits is the best as they have detailed contours on the specific ride you are taking.

The Rubberized Duragrip material has been designed to give comfort to the driver and the riders too.

These amazing floor mats are one of the floor mats for Chevy SilveradoThese amazing floor mats have made it easier to keep the vehicles clean.

The FormFit edges run along with the door jam very swiftly. Plus, the StayPut carpets also help to keep these floor mats in place so that it does not move beneath your legs.

These are one of the best floor mats you can get.

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  • StayPut Cleats helps to keep the floor mats in place.
  • FormFit edges run well along with the doors
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain floor mats that will help you to keep your car floor clean.
  • The rubberized DuraGrip material gives comfort to the drivers and the riders.
  • It is backed with a lifetime guarantee by the company.


  • It does not have any anchors to hold it on the passenger’s side.

9. Husky Liners Fits 2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado:

Again, a Husky liners Fit that comes with FormFit Design process that efficiently and successfully processes each the liners on this floor mat that perfectly contours of your ride.

The rubberized DuraGrip material has its design just to provide some extra comfort to our drivers and riders.

The amazing FormFit edge of one of the best floor mats runs along with the door jams. It will prove the worth and some extra convenience of the product.

There are a lot of products in the market; however, this Husky Liners Fits 2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado is one of the best ones out there.

So, if you are willing to purchase this one, you can have complete trust in the durability, comfort, and efficiency of this amazing floor mats for cars.

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  • The amazing StayPut Cleat technology helps these floor mats to be on its spot.
  • The FormFit perfectly holds the position of the liners on the floor mat along the contours of your ride.
  • This amazing car floor mat also has rubberized DuraGrip to provide extra comfort.
  • FormFit technology also helps to run along with the door jam.
  • The developers have their full confidence on these floor mats, and thus they have provided a lifetime guarantee for them.


  • These Husky Liners Fits are not weather-resistant, which is a huge drawback for these best floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

10. Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Black Front and Rear Floor Liner Kit, Chevrolet models:

This one is another perfect floor mat for Chevy Silverado This 3 piece floor mat will keep your car in the best condition. It will keep things clean.

The High perimeter walls of this floor mats give the maximum protection, and it has been built exclusively for different trucks and SUVs.

This floor mat is one of the most fantastic floor mats you will ever get. Try these excellent floor mats today to keep your car clean. The rolled reinforced edges will give some added strength.

These durable quality floor mats are the perfect choice for your Chevy Silverado.

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  • The reinforced edges have some added strength.
  • The durable OE-quality thermoplastic only makes it better.
  • The nibbed bottoms are for secured fitments.
  • It also has high perimeter walls with maximum protection.


  • Does not work with floor shifter

How to choose the right type of floor mats for your Chevy Silverado:

There are different kinds of floor mats available in the market. Now looking at so many options above, you might have become confused about what type of floor mats do you want to choose for your Chevy Silverado.

So, here is how can you choose the right type of floor mat for your car.

  • Carpet floor mats: This type of floor mats is made with nylon and other materials such as Berber. These floor mats come with an anti-slip backing of rubber. These floor mats are classic ones to have in your car. You can customize the design. You can get more varieties in it.
  • Problems with these floor mats are, they will accumulate dust over time. Besides, they will wear out faster than rubber or vinyl mats.
  • Rubber floor mats: The Rubber mats are easy to clean. These rubber floor mats made with heavy-duty rubber are usually very tough compared to the carpets. The wells on a rubber floor mat will give you a tremendous weatherproof feature.
  • There are not many varieties in the rubber made floor mats. It might cost a little higher than usual.
  • Vinyl floor mats: A lot of people become confused between vinyl and rubber. Vinyl is related to synthetic plastic that is cheaper than rubber; besides, there is also a vast range of designs, colors, and styles in it. These floor mats are excellent in absorbing moisture.
  • They are less durable than rubber. Besides, they are more prone to curling, cracking, or wrapping.

You can also learn more about the best floor mats for truck reviews in 2020.

Buying guide of a Chevy Silverado floor mat

Now you know about the different types of perfect floor mats for Chevy Silverado. Here is how to buy a floor mat for your car.

Well, you know how to buy the best floor mats for your vehicle. We are going to tell you what you should look for in a car floor mat before you buy it.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind before you opt for purchasing a car floor mat.

  • Size and Fit: The first and foremost thing is the size and fits that you need to keep in mind. You should have detailed information about how long or widen floor mats do you need. Because, even though most of the floor mats are made for a universal fit, you still need to cut the extra part of those universal fit floor mats to fit it into your car. Besides, you don’t want to buy a smaller floor mat to leave some of the edges unclean, right!?
  • Material: What material has the floor mat made of is a fundamental question you ask your retailer. Because you might prefer a weather-resistant floor mat that can give you a long-lasting service irrespective of the season or weather outside, there are floor mats made of rubber, carpet, cloth, etc. that are durable.
  • Easy to Clean: Floor mats always belong under our feet. So, naturally, it gets dirty very quickly. So, while choosing your particular floor mat, you should consider the easy-to-clean ones if you use your car that often.

Note: Another important aspect you should consider while buying a floor mat is the types of floor mats. However, we have talked about it in the previous points. Thus, we did not mention it here.

User Manual for the best floor mat for Chevy Silverado:

Car floor mats are easy to maintain solution to keep the interior of your car clean. Especially when the people have a dog or any other pet or children to travel with them in the car.

However, you should read the user manual of your car’s floor mat properly as if not read properly or not maintained the user manual properly while installing.

These floor mats can become the reason for fatal accidents. So, here are some of the instructions straight from the safety manual that will help you to give an upper hand before buying a new floor mat for your car.

  • The car floor mats are normally designed on a universal measurement. So, while installing, you should be careful that the floor mat is not blocking the accelerator and the other pedals in your car. You should cut the floor mat properly to prevent the floor mat from blocking any of the car pedals.
  • After installing the floor mat in your car, push the foot pedals of your car with full throttle to confirm that the foot pedals are not getting blocked by the floor mat you bought. Adjust it by trimming from the edges to obsolete any blockages to the foot pedals.
  • Never place any heat sources near the car mat that can damage your new and floor mats for Chevy Silverado. Be very careful about that.
  • Failed attempts to install the floor mat in your car, according to the instruction as mentioned above, can become the reasons for fatal accidents. So be very careful while installing the floor mats. Read the user manual over and over if needed.

Top features of a floor mat for Chevy Silverado:

The floor mats have some top features, you should know about before opting to buy one. So, here we are, with some of the most-loved features of the perfect floor mats for Chevy Silverado in this section of the article. Check the features described below.

Rims and edges: 

You should pay attention to the rims and edges of any floor mats you are opting for.

There are some floor mats nowadays with high edges that help to regulate water or any other liquid from the backside to the catch basin, away from the pedals and your feet.

Under the mat:

While opting for a floor mat, we often forgot to look under the floor mats. This unseen side of the floor mat also has significance too.

Why? Well, this side of a floor mat will grip the floor of your car. It will help to keep the floor mat in position. So, check that out too.


Thickness is normally seen as a minor aspect while buying a floor mat. However, thicker floor mats absorb better, most likely.

It will keep it comfortable for your feet. Also, thicker floor mats tend to provide some comfort to the driver’s as well as the rider’s feet.

Now we even know about the top features of the best floor mats Chevy Silverado, here is some more information about them.

>> Learn more about the best truck bed mat.

What is the difference between Floor mats and floor liners?

The best way to differentiate floor mats with floor liners is to compare them with your household carpeting.

Yeah! We know that this sounds a bit odd. However, this is the easiest way to differentiate between floor mats and floor mats.

Figuratively, floor mats are like the sectional rug, whereas the liners are more likely to be the wall-to-wall carpeting overlay.

Mats are usually flat at the bottom, whereas the liners are a bit different. They mostly mold to the contours of your vehicle.

Both the floor mats and the liners feature grooves, cups, and other dirt-trapping compartments to trap dirt and water.

However, some of the floor mats and liners also have smooth surfaces.

So, this is the basic difference between floor mats and liners.

How can you protect your car floor mats?

It is very important to protect your car floor mats and liners from daily wear and tears. So here are few tips from the experts on how to protect your car floor mat from different problems.

Check out the sub-points below to know more about it.

We know different types of floor mats. We have already described that in the article.

So, there must be different ways to keep these different car floor mats clean. To protect the Rubber floor mat, you should clean them regularly.

Besides, you have to apply products to protect them. Remove the mats and spray it with your garden hose.

Spray degreasers on it. Then scrub the mat firmly to ensure all the dirt is gone from it.

Then apply some degreaser again. And then you can dry it with a leaf blower.

For carpet car mats, you should take some extra care. You can use a vinyl car mat cover on the carpeted floor mat of your car.

It will completely protect your carpeted floor mat from any kind of regular wear and tears for sure.

Pricing about Best Floor Mats For Chevy Silverado

The rising number of vehicles all over the world has increased the need for using floor mats.

As these vehicles are of different models, floor mat manufactures have released mats of varying sizes and shapes.

However, due to stiff competition, car floor mat manufacturers have lowered the prices.

They want to ensure safety and comfort at a reasonable cost. You can find the competitive pricing of automotive floor mats. With minimal investment, you will get quality products for your car floor.

  • Floor mats are one of the important accessories for your car’s interior. While you have purchased a new vehicle, you can find an original floor mat. However, with regular use, this mat becomes damaged, and you need to replace it with a new floor mat. Manufacturers use a variety of materials for these automotive floor mats. The choice of materials can affect the price rate of your vehicle’s floor mat.
  • Furthermore, the premium quality mats add the aesthetic value of your car. Some brands use specialized technology to manufacture, and these factors can slightly increase the price of your mat. Still, most of our mats have a price ranging from $100 to $150.

Why should you buy Floor Mats For Chevy Silverado from Amazon?

You may have visited several stores to buy the floor mats for Chevy Silverado. However, most of those stores can provide you with car floor mats of a few brands. So, here are a few reasons for buying Floor Mats from Amazon.

  • As Amazon is the biggest marketplace, you will find car floor mats of lots of brands.
  • What is more, you can narrow down your search based on the floor mat price, material, and brands. Thus, we have created a list by including products from Amazon. By identifying the latest trends, we have chosen quality car floor mats.
  • Customer ratings are the most important factors to know the reliability of products. While buying your floor mats for Chevy Silverado, you can check out the feedback of users. You will learn how those floor mats have benefitted several car owners. Products with higher ratings have pleased customers with their quality.

Thus, you can rely on Amazon to find car floor mats of different brands and manufacturers. You will get easy-to-maintain floor mats of different sizes, designs and materials. On some occasions, you may also find discounts on floor mats available in the platform of Amazon.

How did we rate those products?

We know that it is not easy to check the quality of our car floor mats until we use it.

That is why we have spent some weeks to test our chosen floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

Our team has conducted tests on the durability and quality of these mats. We have also identified how mud, dirt, beverages, and food products affect the fabrics of your car floor mat.

Moreover, we have cleaned them with some cleaning agents to let them dry naturally.

It is essential to know how repeated cleaning affects the mat quality.

While installing the mat of each of the brands, we have followed instructions.

We have installed these mats on different Chevy Silverado models to test the compatibility.

It has helped us to make sure that those mats fit your vehicles perfectly. You know that too much stiff mats make the installation difficult.

The best car mats have to conform to the rough surface of the vehicle floor.

We have also reviewed universal mats that work with most of the vehicles, including Chevy Silverado.

We think that our thorough testing will help you to make the right choice for your Chevy Silverado.


Car mat sets are available in one-piece and two-piece versions- Which one is the right choice for me?

Everything depends on the floor configuration of your vehicle. However, in most cases,a full-size 1-piece rear floor mat is the right option for me.

You may not find both rear and front floor mats included in one set. You can check our reviews to choose the best one.

Are car floor mats risky? Do they prevent you from using the brake comfortably?

First-time car floor mat buyers may have this question. We can say that properly install floor mats do not reach the space under the pedals.

The best mats do not slip around due to the use of no-slip rubber materials.

Does a car floor mat have mat clips and eyelets?

Eyelets are not present in every automotive floor mat. Some manufacturers have replicated the flooring based original factory details.

Thus, while your original car mats do not have clips and eyelets, you may not find one in your newly chosen products.

Rubber mats versus carpets- How will I choose the best flooring options?

Your car floor looks awful due to the accumulation of dirt, pet’s fur, and stains from spilled beverages. You may have thought of choosing a carpet for your vehicle’s floor.

However, the more affordable and easily installable option is the car mat made of rubber.

Nowadays, floor mats are available in a range of styles to make your car interior look beautiful. You can easily uninstall floor mats and wash them to remove dirt. Thus, you can start searching for the best mats for Chevy Silverado.

My car mats are not stable. How will I prevent those mats from moving?

One of the best ways of doing it is to use a tape. You may apply the adhesive tape to both sides.

You have to drag the floor mats and use some horizontal strips to the base of your vehicle’s cabin. The adhesive material will keep your mats from sliding around.

Does the weather indicate the type of floor mat, needed for my car?

For the ever-changing weather conditions, it is better to choose heavy-duty, weather-resistant floor mats for your car.

Rain, direct sunrays, and hail- nothing can affect these high-quality mats for your car. Lots of reputed brands manufacture these vehicle floor mats for Chevy Silverado and other models.

Final Verdict:

Choosing the best floor mat is not as easy as you think it is. It takes a lot of things to take into consideration before choosing the best floor mats for Chevy Silverado.

 However, here in this article, we have almost covered all the aspects of choosing the right car floor mat for your new car.

So, you can rely on us completely on this matter.

Also, do check on the list of top 10 rated floor mats for Chevy Silverado we have provided for you in the article.

They might also help you to choose the right floor mat for your car.