Whether you are working from home or office, you sit in front of the computer for hours to reach your deadline. When the work gets on your nerves, you end up rolling your chair every other minute to find a solution. During these working hours, you do not realize that your movement of the chair can affect the carpeted flooring underneath your chair. Wheel casters damage the surface of the carpet greatly.

To prevent carpeted flooring from getting damaged, you can use wooden chair mats for carpet. Wooden chair mats have supreme functionality and performance. They are also durable and long-lasting as hardwood lasts the consumers their whole lives. There are different kinds of wooden chair mats for carpet available.

Wooden Chair Mats for CarpetTypes of Wooden Chair Mats

You can buy roll-up or foldable wooden chair mats or a solid single-piece wooden chair mat. Bamboo chair mats fold up while solid wooden chair mats are a single piece of chair mats.

i. Solid Wooden Chair Mats for Carpet

Chair mats are made of different kinds of wooden material. They add style, elegance, and functionality to any workspace. Premium wooden chair mats are designed to cover both hardwood floors and carpeted floors. Premium solid wooden chair mats can be made of laminate flooring material, as a laminate flooring material is strong yet flexible.
Solid wooden chair mats are available in various sizes and shapes.

ii. Roll-Up Wooden Chair Mats for Carpet

Roll-Up wooden chair mats offer flexibility and ease to the consumers. No matter where you shift your home office, you can effortlessly move the wooden chair mat without fear of cracking or breaking it.

Bamboo is the material used for the construction of a roll-up wooden chair mat. Roll-up bamboo chair mats make sure the safety of the floor against the movement of the office chair as well as providing a smoother surface for movement of the chair.

Roll-Up bamboo wooden chair mats provide a visually beautiful outlook to your office space. Bamboo chair mats look classic and elegant due to their natural colors. Bamboo chair mats are also supremely functional, increasing your productivity and energy. They reduce your fatigue, helping you in achieving your deadlines, and completing one project after another.

You can always roll up these foldable bamboo wooden chair mats if you want to take them to your colleagues’ house or office. They make working on computers an easier task for you. Lastly, bamboo is a sustainable material, which makes bamboo roll-up chair mat more desired and wanted.

Are Chair Mats Bad For Carpet?

No. chair mats are not bad for the carpet. But they can be bad for the carpet if you do not choose the chair mats wisely. There are different types of chair mats available in the market. You must go through the details of the product before paying for it. Different types of chair mats are based on the different types of carpet that you have.

There are low-pile carpets, medium-pile carpets, and high-pile carpets. There are different chair mats available for low-pile carpets, medium-pile carpets, and high-pile carpets. Buying a carpet that is fit for the low-pile carpet but placed on a high-pile carpet would not work efficiently.

The chair mat will bog down into the carpet, and you would not be able to move your chair on the chair mat. Similarly, a high-pile chair mat would not work well onto the low-pile carpet.

A heavy-duty chair mat would damage the fibers of the low-pile carpet, and end up destroying the carpet. So, you must always read the details of the product before finalizing your purchase.

About DIY Wood Chair Mat

Wooden chair mats are sold at higher prices in the market. The price range of wooden chair mats is from $200 to $300 or more. You can construct a similar quality wooden chair mat at home with little effort and energy.
Following is a tutorial on how to manufacture a DIY wooden chair mat at home:

1. Choosing the Material for the Chair Mat

There are various kinds of wooden material, which can be used to manufacture the wooden chair mat. The laminate material is flexible yet strong. So, you are recommended to choose the laminate flooring material from the varieties of wooden material.

2. Getting Ready the Particle Board

You will place the laminate flooring material on the particleboard. The particleboard will act as the base for the laminate flooring pieces.

3. Trim Pieces on the Perimeter of the Chair Mat

To increase the aesthetics of the chair mat, you must install the trim pieces on the perimeter of the chair mat. The trim pieces would also act as a border that you cannot cross while moving your office chair. Trim pieces put you on an island, where you can move and work.
You can use alder boards for getting the trim pieces.

3. Installation of the Trim Pieces

A bit of glue and nail gun will help you in the installation of the trim pieces on the edges of the particleboard.

4. Installation of the Laminate Flooring Material

You have the option to install the flooring material without glue or with glue. I would recommend using the glue, as it tightens and packs the flooring pieces together. You must start with the piece that has the tongue portion.

Once you are done with the installation of the laminate flooring material, you must walk all over it. By walking, you push the wood downwards removing any waves or buckles.

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