Office Depot Carpet Chair MatsOffice Depot is a renowned and most acknowledged Company, offering high-quality, durable, attractive, and highly resilient chair mats. Office Depot offers chair mats of various sizes, shapes, and illustrations. You can find chair mats for low-profile carpets, medium-profile carpets, and high-profile carpets.

Depending upon your preference, you can optimize your search and reach the perfect size, shape, and type of the chair mat on Office Depot. Whether you need a chair mat for plush carpet or low-profile carpet, it is easy to find a chair mat on the Office Depot.

What Is The Best Chair Mat For Plush Carpet?

Following are some of the best chair mats for plush carpet:

1. Floortex Chair Mats for High-Pile Carpet

This is an elegant chair mat, which is made of polycarbonate material. This beautiful chair mat protects the high-pile carpeted from damaged caused by the movement of the office chair. It is available in various sizes. The main size is 48″ x 60″. Other sizes include 35”x47” and 48”x53”.

Best Features of the Floortex Chair Mat:

i. Rectangular Chair Mat: This chair mat has a rectangular chair mat. The rectangular shape has a lip as well, extending towards the area under the desk.

ii. Durable and Firm: The chair mat is made of the polycarbonate material, which means that the office chair will not sink into the floor. Polycarbonate is considered the best material. So, the chair mat is durable and long-lasting due to its tough and sturdy material.

iii. Safe To Use: It is an environment-friendly product, made from 100% recyclable material. The product has been awarded Green-Guard Certificate, which ensures healthier air inside the room.

iv. Anti-Slip Feature: The Floortax chair mat for high-pile carpet offers greater stability for high-pile carpets. It has grippers that hold onto the carpet firmly.

2. OfficeMarshal Chair Mat for High-Pile Carpets

This is another most amazing product available in the market. It is made of clear PVC material. The product is also available in various sizes and shapes. This is an ideal chair mat for high-pile carpet with 30”x40” lip.

Best Features of the Product:

Following are some of the best features of the product:

Strong and Powerful Carpet Protector: This chair mat is thicker than conventional chair mats, offering stable and resilient surface. It offers robust protection against harms arising from the office chair.

Durable and Long-Lasting Product: This product is scratch-resistant and tear-resistant, remaining unaffected by the wear and tear.

Easy Movement: The chair mat offers a glide-control surface, having frictional force. So, your chair can move effortlessly on the chair mat.

Offers Good Health Benefits: The chair mat offers ergonomic postures to the employees, which reduces leg fatigue and back strain.

Transparent: It is a transparent chair mats, allowing seeing the aesthetic of the floor below the chair mat.

How Do You Measure For An Office Chair Mat?

Office chair mats come in various shapes and sizes. You will need to combine the perfect size with the shape to avail of the best office chair mat for your office room. The wheels casters of office chair tear up the carpeted flooring, causing damage to the carpet. So, the office chair mat is an essential office chair mat.

The measurement of the office chair mat can be taken very simply. You will only need to measure the width and length of the rolling area around the desk.

What is the Chair Roll Area?

For the measurement of the chair mat, you will have to measure the chair roll area. The chair roll area includes:

Sideways Movement Area: The sideways movement area is included in the chair roll area. You use this area to take items from your desk and collaborate with your office mates.

Backward and Forward Movements: When you move around your desk back and forth, tucking, sitting, and standing in your desk.

Under-Desk Area: This is the area where you rest your feet. This under-desk area is also included in the chair roll area. A chair mat keeps the dirt and weathering caused by footwear away from the carpeted or hardwood flooring.

What Should Be Measured?

When you are measuring the chair roll area for getting the perfect size of the chair mat, you need to consider the following things:

  • The size of the chair base is an important consideration.
  • Side to side movement of the chair along the desk must be kept in mind.
  • You may consider the back and forth movement of the chair when you are sitting and standing.
  • You must also consider the area beneath the desk – the lip of the chair mat extends to this area.

How Thick Should A Chair Mat Be?

The thickness of Chair Mats for Hardwood Flooring

For hardwood flooring, chair mats are manufactured in one thickness. You can buy a chair mat especially designed for hardwood floors. Its thickness is suitable for the hardwood flooring, which keeps the office chair from gliding or sliding most effectively.

The thickness of Chair Mats for Carpeted Flooring

For the carpeted flooring, there are four main thicknesses available. These four thicknesses are determined for different types of carpeted types. The four thicknesses of different chair mats are described below:

Economy Thickness of Chair Mat: This chair mat is suitable for low-profile carpet 3/8 inch thick (without padding underneath it). Economy chair mats have100 mil or 1/10” thickness. It fits the commercial or rubber-backed carpets well.

Regular Chair Mats Thickness: These chair mats are manufactured for the low-profile and medium-profile chair mats having 3/8 inch thickness. The chair mats have has 125 mils or 1/8” thickness.

Standard Chair Mats: These chair mats are made for medium profile carpet with padding having ¾ inch thick. The chair mats have 145 mils or 1/7” thickness.

Premium Chair Mats: These chair mats are designed for high-pile carpets, which are ¾ thick.

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Office Depot is the most famous Company, offering top-quality chair mats. You can find varieties of chair mats on its platform, which offer a great many advantages. The chair mats can be chosen according to the preferred shape and size on the Office Depot – the staff of the Office Depot helps in finding the chair mat that suits your needs.