If you have been on FloorMatReviews, hopefully you’ve found several articles on selecting Floor Mats for your doorway or mudroom. Now that you have that new rug or floor mat, let’s give you some tips on how to enjoy Hardwood Floor Entrymats for some time.

Size and Shape

An entry mat for hardwood floors can have different sizes and shapes, and should be chosed based on the area of your entryway.  A good general rule is to keep 18″ of space around the rug.  If you have a large area at your door, you might consider a rectangle rug to fill the space, whereas you might consider a runner if youre entry way is long and narrow.


Consider the climate where you live.  If you live in colder climates, consider rubber or another material that will soak up the ice, snow, and water that will be coming in your house during the winter.  Another option would be to have a separate boot mat for guests to leave their wet shoes.  Homes near sand and beaches will want to consider getting and using a mat that traps small particles to keep what’s outside from coming inside.

Kinds of Traffic

Do you have outside pets?  Children that go play outside a lot and bring dirt in?  If you have a high traffic entryway, you might consider a patterned rug or something that won’t show dirt between cleanings.  Rugs and mats that are harder to clean aren’t the best choice for those same high traffic areas.

Leave the Dirt at the Door

A great option that is gaining in popularity is to have a Boot Tray at your entryway for guests, and a basket of slippers for guests to use while inside your house.  This way, wherever they have been and whatever they have been in, it won’t be tracked inside your home.


All rugs muffle noise and act as a barrier to the floor, acting as protection. Remember, however, that traditional rugs have a primarily aesthetic function.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to find a happy medium between having guests over to socialize, while still keeping your home clean and comfortable.