What is the Best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor?

Chair Mat

The following are the best chair mats for hardwood floor:

Deflecto EconoMat Chair Mat

Deflecto EconoMat chair mat is an excellent choice for the hardwood floor. The mat is durable and will last for a long time with minimal maintenance. It is an eco-friendly mat as it’s free from toxic materials and is non-phthalate too. It comes with a non-studded bottom which provides an excellent non-slip grip to it on hardwood flooring. The clear transparent look is also visually appealing.

Lesonic On-Slip Chair Mat

The Lesonic on-slip chair mat has a unique durable design. It allows office chairs to move seamlessly without discomfort. The mat will not crack or bend over time. it can provide rigid support to heavy chairs and equipment.

The pure white chair mat also adds visual appeal to space. The upper body mat texture allows for better grip and chair movements. The bottom is 100% non-slip which eliminates any chances of slipping.

Do I Need a Chair Mat on Carpet?

Working continuously on a chair can damage your flooring or carpet. It can cause scratches and wear out the flooring. A chair mat protects the floor or carpet from getting damaged from the chair. It also provides a smooth and durable surface for the chair to move freely.

This will ensure the longevity of both- the work chair and flooring. Chair mats are available in different materials, shapes, and sizes. You need to choose the best one considering your requirements.

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How do You Measure for an Office Chair Mat?

Chair mats come in different shapes and sizes. You should measure your total work area before buying the ideal sized chair mat. Always allow for at least 10-inch lip area under the desk. Usually a 36-inch x 48-inch rectangular chair mat is sufficient for common usage.

For larger work areas you can opt for 60-inch x 60-inch or 60-inch x 118-inch chair mats.

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What is the Best Chair Mat for Plush Carpet?

Some of the best chair mats for use over plush carpet are as follows:

Shinobu Chair Mat

The Shinobu chair mat is clear transparent in look and measures 36-inches x 48-inches. It provides excellent coverage and protection to the carpet. The chair mat is non-toxic and free from phthalates, BPA, and volatile toxins.

The chair seems to easily glide over this chair mat. You won’t feel any discomfort in chair movements. The chair mat is made from long-life PVC which is a very durable material. This will ensure that the mat lasts for many years.

The non-skiddy bottom surface ensures that the chair does not slip while working.

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Office Marshal Polycarbonate Chair Mat

This chair mat for plush carpet is made from 100% polycarbonate. Due to polycarbonate manufacturing, it does not compress or bubble under pressure. It will not get discolored or worn out and is long-lasting. This transparent chair mat measures 36-inches x 48-inches and provides sufficient coverage over the carpet.

You can move easily on the chair using this chair mat on the carpet. It also comes with an excellent non-slip feature which ensures it is securely placed.

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