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How to choose a perfect Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors

How To Choose A Perfect Entry Mats For Hardwood Floors

The first and fundamental characteristic to evaluate when choosing the next doormat for your door is the material in which it is made.

Some materials, as we have already accepted, are reserved for the exits of protected environments, such as covered entrances or condominium apartments, while others are designed to prevent dirt from entering the interior without losing its aesthetic value.

Materials for Entry mats for covered areas

Among the materials for outdoor doormats to be placed in covered areas we mention:

  • Natural cotton fiber: it is the absorbent material par excellence but it is also the one that is damaged faster when guests pass from the outside to the inside.
  • Polyamide: it is the material that is best able to remove debris collected under the soles, but it is the one that absorbs less water. For this reason, it is necessary to pass the shoes several times on the surface of these doormats to avoid wetting the interior spaces.
  • Natural coconut: coconut doormats are very solid and resist moisture well as well as clean the soles very effectively. On first use, you may notice a slight loss of hair but after a few days, it will be a very efficient tool. For its maintenance, it is sufficient to pass a dry shampoo and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Rubber and coconut: the doormats in coconut and rubber are very elegant. They usually have a rubberized perimeter that ensures their stability: the central part is in coconut fiber, well absorbent.
  • Needled coconut: doormats in needled coconut are made by mixing synthetic fibers. They reproduce the qualities of coconut fibers avoiding the characteristic loss of hair that can be observed in the first uses of natural coconut doormats.

Materials for Entry mats placed outdoors

Materials for Entry mats placed outdoors

The materials for outdoor entry mats stand out for their resistance to any type of atmospheric event.

Among the most common materials we mention:

  • Polypropylene and synthetic raw materials: they are mostly non-slip materials. In most cases, they possess the area that adheres to the vinyl floor. These entry mats can also be machine washed, keeping the original colors unaltered.
  • Rubber: Rubber entry mats are made with grid designs. They are very resistant to atmospheric agents and to wash them just wipe them with water.
  • Cast iron: does not absorb wetness but is particularly suitable for countryside or mountain areas when it is essential to properly remove the crushed stone that sneaks into the spaces under the sole.

How to choose the right size for outdoor entry mats

Almost all outdoor doormats have a standard size of 60x40cm.

On the market there is no shortage of doormats measuring 90×60 cm: the reason for these dimensions is easily explained by the measurements of the most common entrance doors.

In reality, it is also possible to buy Entry mats of other sizes or opt for materials sold by the meter.

To choose the right size for your doormat you must:

  • Measure the dimensions of the door: the outdoor doormat must have a length that is included within the jambs;
  • Measure the depth of the area where the doormat will be inserted;
  • Consider the thickness of the doormat.

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