Parenting is not an easy task. You have to take care of everything about your child. You try to give the best food and every facility.

Kids start crawling at the age of 7 or 8 months. It is not possible to let them crawl on the floor.

Their body is so soft and they can get hurt by crawling. And in winter season crawling on bare floor can make them sick.

But bounding your kid is not a wise option.  So in this article, you will get the solution to this problem.

Have you ever listen about crawling mats? This is the best option for you to provide a good crawling area for your child.

This article will discuss different features of crawling mats and the best available options of play and crawling mats.

Why you should need a best baby crawling mat

Baby crawling mat is one of the most necessary items for the children.

It helps you to keep your child in a specific area while crawling because he will be attracted by the theme of the mat.

You will need crawling mats because of many reasons.

  • It will help in the stimulation of the baby’s senses. Colors and themes of mats will help in the visual development of the baby.
  • If the mat has your baby’s favorite character on it he will be attached to it. So you need a crawling mat because you can take it with you and can engage your baby with his favorite thing. He will not bother you nor will he be disturbed by the new environment. He will enjoy crawling anywhere.
  • Crawling mat provides freedom of movement to your child. It will make you relax that your baby cannot get hurt on the mat and he will be comfortable on it.
  • Crawling mats are very comfortable and hygienic. If your baby is crawling on the floor he can eat any harmful material and the floor is also full of germs. You can easily sanitize mat and he will get germ free environment.
  • If your baby eats anything on a mat and it falls on the mat you have no need to take tension about its cleanliness. Playmats or crawl mats are very easy to clean. So it is very good for you to buy a mat for your child.

Product Reviews of a best baby crawling mat

Many crawling mats are available in the market and online stores. Everyone has some good and some bad qualities.

Here is a short description of some of the playmats available on Amazon.

1. Baby Playmat, play mat by UANLAUO

A beautiful crawling mat that comes in simple and beautiful colors that don’t compromise on the look of your house.

Both sides of this mate are usable and beautiful. It is the safest and toxins and chemicals free mate and certified by US safety standards.

Mostly play mats are used roughly so these mats are tough long-lasting and durable.

It will not tear nor the color becomes fade even after the use of many years.

It is available on Amazon and they provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case of any complaint.

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  • Crawl mate by UANLAUO is thick and very soft. Its thickness provides the protection from hurting during play. It is very soft that kids will play comfortably on it.
  • It is nontoxic so kids can play on it easily. It will not harm nor produce any allergic reaction.
  • It is slip proof so kids are safe from slipping during their playing activities.
  • It is waterproof. Kids can easily eat on it and if chocolate, sweet on any food fall on it, you can easily clean it.


  • Its material is good but it can torn easily.
  • Size is large so folding is difficult. But after folding it form a large bump.

2.Bammax Play Mat

This foam baby play mat or crawl mat offers various activities and structures for newborns and older babies to discover.

This is a folding mat and can be stored anywhere you want, saving you a lot of space.

Waterproof and easy to clean material with a damp cloth, this mat provides an extra-large play space that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The letters on the play mat can help your baby’s learning process.

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  • Both the sides of mat are printed with beautiful cartoon themes so both sides seem attractive to kids.
  • Mats are so soft, thick and comfortable.
  • They are free from any chemicals so friendly for the children.
  • It is large in size so children have more area for playing. It is easily foldable so can be stored anywhere easily.
  • Its material is waterproof and is very easy to clean. One can easily clean by damp piece of cloth.
  • It is comfortable so kids can play on it. Parents can help kids to do exercise on it so it help kids in crawling and walking.


  • It is not very durable and damage easily.
  • Its surface material is scratching so pieces come out. If kids eat some piece accidently it can cause choking.

3. Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Baby care play mat is a comfortable, thick and foamy mat that is suitable for kids of any age.

It is free from any chemicals and other harmful products including, latex, BPA, mercury and lead.

Its material is good and recyclable. It is very cushiony so if the kid falls on it he will be safe from any hurt or injury.

Kids feel comfortable with it and they can also sleep on it. Material is waterproof so internal layers don’t wet with water.

It is easy to dry and clean by easy swiping. It is very colorful and attractive to children. Baby care provides two sizes of play mats.

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  • Baby care play mat is soft and thick so it is very comfortable.
  • Baby care play mat is free from chemicals and allergens so is very hygienic and health-friendly for kids.
  • This mat is water proof and very easy to clean.
  • You have choice to get any one of the 2 sizes available.
  • It is very light and portable.


  • Its colors are very bright so it don’t looks well.
  • It is expensive in price.
  • In first few days it is slightly smelly.

4. Baby Play Mat by beiens

Beiens baby play mat can be a good helper for parents to care for babies.

Its soft material can provide the greatest comfort and protection for your babies and toddlers while they crawl, fall and play.

It has a beautiful stylish style so it enhances the look kids play area or room.

Its theme is alphabets and numbers so kids learn to read and write while playing at very early age.

The material of the mat is non-slippery so provide a sense of protection.

This is a soft thick mat which is very easy to clean also. It is available in the extra-large size and is very light in weight. It can be a very good and beneficial gift for a kid.

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  • Its color is light and design is unisex so every kid can use it.
  • It is very comfortable and water proof material.
  • Material is very soft so babies can easily crawl on it.
  • It provide good and beginning learning material to the kids.


  • Overall the mat is of good quality and affordable in price. No any negative review is given by its buyers.

5. Baby Play Mat by OppsDecor

This playmate is bright in colors but the colors are given in such a way that they don’t exert visual pressure on kid’s eyes.

It is made up of very good quality material and is free from BPAs, mercury, and lead.

IT provides a very good play area for the children so they can be engaged for a long time.

Material is so soft and is comfortable for crawling baby. Its material is heat resistant so it is also suitable for the summer season.

It prevents hot air to enter the play area so keep the child from intense heating. It is non-slip, easy to clean and elegant play mat.

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  • It is extra-large in size so provide a huge play area.
  • It is waterproof and stain-resistant. It is very easy to clean by wet cloth.
  • Its design is comfortable to eyes and is made in such a way that it enhances the imagination abilities of a child.
  • It is easily foldable and light in weight so is easily portable.
  • This amazing playmate is very affordable.


  • This playmate is not very thick.
  • It is not very durable and gets holes in it. Upper layer also peels off quickly.

How to choose a best baby crawling mat?

Here are some points you should keep in mind for choosing a crawl mat.

  • Always keep in mind the material use in manufacturing of crawling mat. Choose that material which is soft and friendly and don’t cause any allergic reaction to child’s skin.
  • Choose that mat which is free from chemicals and any toxins.
  • Safety is more important factor. So it is wise to buy a thick layered crawling mat. It should also slip free.
  • You will have to place mat in lounge or living room. It should be easy to clean because stained mat will look very ugly.
  • Before buying a crawling mat always keep in mind that he/ she has to use it for a long time. He will use it as play mat also. As your kid is growing rapidly so his learning age will come soon. Always choose that mat which also help him in his beginning education. Choose that mat which have alphabets and numbered theme. Cartoon characters will also attract kids.
  • You should always choose that mat which look good and decent in your home.

Top features of a best baby crawling mat

The best baby crawling mat will have the following features.

  • A good baby crawling mat has the ability to attract and engage children. It must have attractive colors but should not be irritating to the eyes.
  • Baby crawling mats should be safe enough to save the baby from injury. It must have thick layer.
  • Its material should be anti-slip so that the baby can crawl easily on it.
  • Some mats also have lights and music system to attract kids.
  • Crawling mats or playmats provide some educational material also. Some mats have alphabets, some have numbers and even they have puzzles also.
  • A crawling mat is very close area of a kid in which he spends most of day time on it. So it is made by such material that is normally is very soft and comfortable. Kids can easily sleep on their play mats.
  • They are normally made up of waterproof and stain-resistant material. Water cannot be absorbed in it and they are easily cleaned.
  • These playmates come in different sizes. Mostly they are foldable so kids can use them indoors and outdoors too. They are very convenient for parents.

Buying guide of a best baby crawling mat

When you are a parent you want to give your child everything. You try to find world’s best items for them. You keep in mind about their comfort and happiness. Crawling mats have also the same importance just like any other item. So here is a short buying guide for you to take the good crawling mat for your child.

  • Before buying a mat for your baby, measure the area you have to place it. Crawling mats come in different sizes so choose that which suits you.
  • Check the material of the floor. If your floor is hard buy a thick and soft mat. Your child will practice his crawling and walk on that mat. During this practice he will surely fall. So soft and thick mat will protect him from injury.
  • Before buying a mat deeply search about it. Always remain in your budget while buying a crawling mat. Here are a lot of options available in markets. So there is no need to go with very expensive products when you can find the same in less price.
  • Don’t buy very bright and sharp colors. Try to contrast with the overall theme of your room.

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Parents take care of everything of their children. Especially when they have an infant.

They try their best to save him from any danger. They take care of his health, hygiene and food.

Most people play on floor which is not good for them. There are a lot of microbes, dust particles, allergens on the floor.

Many insects are also crawling there which can harm the children and even they can eat anything from the floor.

It is best to provide them the best place which is also germ-free. Crawling mats are the best option for your kids.

It will provide the best hygienic place for your child for playing and sleeping.