Do you notice that your living room is missing something? Do you think your decoration is not complete? You may have chosen all of its pieces carefully, but you still haven’t achieved that feeling of home you are looking for. Maybe it lacks warmth? One way to achieve this is by placing something as simple as mats.

This element can not only be used in the living room, there are models for the rest of the rooms and even outdoors.

The key is to always find the right one. Do you want to give your home a new look?

So, pay attention to this buying guide for chair mats.

Are chair mats bad for carpet?

Are chair mats bad for carpet

Actually, all chair mats not bad for carpet. Some kind of chair mats is very bad for carpet. It depends on your use.

There are many hard chair mats that break down the fibers and it also damages the carpet.

So you need to use very friendly chair mats for the carpet.

Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs

Choose a durable material and a type of fabric that meets your needs

Your chair mats need to be water-resistant for when you will inevitably drop a pot or spill something out of the refrigerator door.

  • It should also be super soft to save falling dishes and also give your feet a break when cooking for long periods of time.
  • If your kitchen tends to be very busy, a flat-weave rug is an ideal choice. Flat textures tend to be colorfast, so they are beautiful and durable.
  • They are made of cotton and other easy-care fibers, which means that when they are dirty you can machine wash them. Your pets will also be less interested in tearing a flat-weave rug, as it’s woven with smaller loops that don’t grab as easily with teeth and nails.
  • Do you have tile floors in the kitchen? Consider placing a wool rug under your kitchen table. This way the floor will warm up immediately, enhancing your decor. A thicker carpet also provides extra padding underfoot to add comfort and reduce noise.

How are traditional mats made?

Traditional mats are made on a loom on which the warp is fixed, a kind of vertical thread base.

Knots are tied on these threads in each row and then fastened with the weft, which is horizontal threads.

The threads are changed to achieve the desired design. In the end, there will be hair on one side of the carpet and knots on the other.

What characteristics stand out from traditional mats?

Today most mats are bought online, in large stores or in specialized stores.

But if you want to acquire a more special model, you can opt for those that come from Arab and eastern countries.

It’s quality fabrics and its long tradition of making this type of pieces stand out.

Its fabrics are dyed by hand, using 100% natural pigments and each model is unique.

Their handmade embroideries are usually very striking, they have floral, geometric or animal-related motifs, among others.

If they are original and of quality, these mats will have a fairly high price.