Cleanliness is the most important maintenance factor in every home. Alongside that, safety is also quite essential.

We do keep our homes clean. But they get dirty every time when someone comes in from outside.

The dust they bring with their shoes makes the home dirty. The floor mats for home provide cover for everything that comes in with the shoes.

That is what the floor mats for home are.

Why you should need a floor mat for the home?

It is not easy to clean the home every time if someone enters the home. Like if it is raining outside, kids may bring mud along with their shoes.

And mothers would be panicked to clean the home, fearing mud may have some harmful germs.

The floor mats for home prevent every such thing from entering inside the home. They absorb the dust, dirt and mud.

Along with that, they remove it from the shoes. And that ensures cleanliness in the home.

  • Some floor mats for the home have protective layers on them. They are not just ordinary mats. Instead, those are the safety mats.
  • Household jobs like working in the kitchen, washing and ironing the clothes and some others become mere easy with the floor mats.
  • The body does not feel stiff and the muscles remain active for long when working on a floor mat.
  • Backache and hurting legs are some common pains that women bear who work at their home. And that begins only if there is no floor mat for home.
  • People take pain killers and aspirins. But that is just a cure. Not prevention. The floor mats for home provide prevention from such issues.

Top Rated Product reviews

1. California Home Goods Entryway Floor Mats

Removing the dust from the shoes has become easier with the entryway floor mats for home. California Home Goods brings the entryway floor mats with grooved polyester.

They serve in cleaning the bottom of the shoes and letting no dirt into the home.

Thus you can have your floors clean for long. And you may less worry about the health of your family members.

Further, some floor mats for home slip soon as you step on them.

But California Home Goods have added a non-slip grip to their mats so that they may not slide.

Ahead of that, washing this mat would never make it squeaky. Well, that happens usually to the mats when they are washed.

But the polyester grooves in this mat will not die out after it is washed.


  • The California Home Goods Entryway floor mats for home is a cost-effective solution. You buy 2 mats at a price of one.
  • The material of these mats lets it enjoy every weather. Put it out on the door in the extreme or chilled winter, it will perform the same.


  • The mat feels thin and appears as applying weight might rip it.
  • With frequent use, the non-slip grip begins to reduce over time.

2. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat 29×17

Gorilla Grip Original is one of the best floor mats for home to be placed outside the door. It is made of natural rubber.

And that makes it last longer than the usual doormats.

Further, it includes a moisture absorption feature. This feature removes mud and dries the shoes if they are wet.

And none of the dirty particles enter the home. On top of that, it is available in various different styles.

Certainly, you have plenty of options to choose from, matching your home and door style.

Ahead of that, Gorilla Grip sits atop many other good rubber mat options.

Its durability and long-lasting technique make it the best floor mat for home.

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  • The natural rubber material in this mat is extraordinary. It surely makes it durable but also adds some top features in this floor mat for home.
  • Its design is perfect for homes. The mat absorbs moisture but keeps it locked inside. It does not let any of it come out.
  • The Gorilla Grip is naturally slip-resistant. It sticks and does not drag, even if placed on shiny tiles.


  • It takes a lot of time to wash this mat, as it absorbs and locks everything.
  • Drying this mat is one of the toughest jobs to do.

3. Refetone Indoor Doormat

Dirty floors are so awful that they begin a headache. The Refetone Indoor Doormat is made to keep your home clean.

Well, you would need to train your dog or cat to move up the mat so that they may not bring the dirt along.

Refetone Indoor Doormat has cotton and microfiber to remove dirt and mud from the shoes. Further, it is designed pretty well and quite neatly.

You may put this mat inside the home as well, in front of the bath and kitchen. Additionally, it has a rubber grip.

Indeed, that keeps it intact with the floor and never let it slide away. Ahead of that, cleaning Refetone Indoor Doormat is quite easy.

Just run it in the washing machine and it is clean. It is that easy!

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  • The moisture absorption quality is fantastic. It nearly absorbs all the moisture and cleans the shoes.
  • Washing the mats is serious a very difficult job. But washing this floor mat for home is like a walk in the park.
  • Its nice design and fine finish let it be used anywhere in the home or office.


  • Although it has some good features. But it is expensive than the similar floor mats for home.
  • Washing it is certainly quite easy, but drying it is way difficult.

4. Sierra Concepts Striped Door Floor Mats

Some cheaply priced mats have the best quality in them. One such example is the Sierra Concepts Stripped floor mats for home.

First, it is coming in the pack of two.

That means you can cover two entry points of your home. Or an entry point and a room inside, such as a kitchen or a bathroom.

Further, it is a decently sized large mat. It measures 30×17-inches. Indeed, you cover up a whole lot of space.

Ahead of that, it is available in two colors. Well, it is quite durable mat. Additionally, cleaning this mat is even too easy.

Just shake the dust off and put it back to its position.

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  • The large size of this mat is good for the bigger entryways. Certainly, you may have peace of mind, that your pet may not skip the mat while entering the home.
  • This mat can be used anywhere in the home. Put it outside the door or in front of the kitchen. It will do the same.
  • Sierra Concepts Striped Door Floor Mats are covered under 10 years of warranty. That is too much!


  • Like other polyester and rubber mats, these mats take a lot of time to dry up. Especially if they have the dirt locking feature.
  • The bottom rubber wears out quickly, reducing the non-slip feature.

How to choose a floor mat for home?

Choosing a floor mat is quite easy when you have ascertained your needs. All the floor mats for the home have similar usage.

But there are a few things different. Like the size, material and some features.

  1. When choosing a floor mat, make sure you have the exact measurement in your mind. Bringing in a large mat for a small entryway may disturb the path.
  2. Some floor mats for home are available in various styles and shapes. If you fancy the contrast or matching material, look for the stylish mats. They are easily available in the market.
  3. Thickness levels differ in floor mats for home. In some areas where there is huge traffic flow, you need thick floor mats. Similarly, for the workout and exercise, you require a thick floor mat. But the mat in front of the kitchen is not necessary to be thick.
  4. The floor mats slide. And that depends on the material of your floor. Well, every floor mat does not slide. Some have natural grips while some are added up with the non-slip feature. Make sure to check if your floor is slippery enough to slide the mat. Choose a mat accordingly.

Top features of a floor mat for home

The floor mats have all the features that you need to keep your home clean and safe. They do not let the dirt, dust, and mud enter your home.

And if you are working while standing, they will keep you protected as well as healthy. Some top features of a floor mat for the home include:

  1. The floor mats absorb dust, dirt, mud as well as moisture. This is a key feature in most of the floor mats for home. And that is one of the purposes for which the mats are bought.
  2. Some mats feature locking ability. They lock up the absorbed material and do not let them free until the mat is washed. Well, that is indeed a great feature as it keeps the surrounding of the mat clean.
  3. A mat that you put outside the door gets the most dirt and dust. Cleaning it up is essential. Otherwise, it may look extremely ugly. And the locked particles inside may damage it. Well, floor mats for home are usually easy to clean. Throw them in the washing machine and run them for a few minutes. And after that, they are like new.

Buying guide of a floor mat for home

Do not be so quick in buying a floor mat for home. First, check if that is worth buying.

Well, for that you may simply check the consumer reviews. The consumer reviews can give you a complete idea on a floor mat, its qualities and especially the durability level.

Ahead of that, you need to verify a few more things:

  1. Every floor mat manufacturer you see has a certain rating, on the internet. You may verify their durability level and see what the people are saying about them. Their rating can give you a hint of whether you should be got for that floor mat or not.
  2. Match the price. Some floor mats for the home with nominal features wear a pricy tag. But some other products with the same features are quite affordable. Even their quality does not differ at all. Make sure to research the prices while purchasing the floor mats for home.
  3. Do not fall for the warranty. It is a marketing technique and it is better that you check the material instead of the warranty. Some poor material mats have warranty of over a decade. But the mats with the good material carry the warranty of up to 3 or 5 years.


Floor mats for home are an essential product. Whether you are living in an apartment or in a house, you need the floor mats.

Floor mats can help you keep your home clean. And it is a way to ensure that your home remains clean.

It is obvious that mud stains on the tiles or dust stuck in the wood panels are hard to clean.

So, before you run into such a situation, get the floor mats for home. Besides cleaning, you may equip your kitchen and the home-gym with the floor mats.

That will keep you safe, healthy and active.