A chair mat for carpets is very important in the decoration because they give life to space and manage to unite all the elements that are separated to form a unique atmosphere.

For this reason, choosing the right mat on carpet has many challenges: size, material, style, strength, etc.

And thinking that you are going to decorate your new room and you want to make it incredible, here we give you several tips to be successful.Should I use a Chair Mat on Carpet

Should I use a chair mat on the carpet?

Yes, you should use a chair mat on the carpet. You can move your office chair easily when you use a chair mat on the carpet. It’s very helpful. A chair mat protects to avoid to damage your floor carpet.

Whether in the living room or dining room or anywhere, in fact, size is key so that the carpet looks and defines the space well.

For the living and dining room, the rug should be larger than the furniture and the table. On the other hand, if it is square, the chair mat on carpet must be of the same shape.

In the living room or office room, the correct thing is that the chair mat on the carpet is with all the furniture legs on top or with two legs on it, at least.

On the other hand, a very small one, which occupies only space under the coffee table, will make the environment look smaller and without much sense.

We leave you ideas of chair mats, which are of different styles, to make your living room chair shine.

The first can be an excellent complement to a living room full of colors and the second, more classic, will give color to an office room with more neutral colors.

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