If you are going to buy a carpet, also make sure that it complies with the regulations within the building, such as its flame-retardant level, it’s subsequent cleaning, etc.

There are carpets that are indicated directly for commercial use, and others for residential use.

We do not advise putting a rug for residential use in an office and it is a representative rug and you want to give more warmth to the environment.

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What do you put under office chair on carpet?

You could put mats/ rugs under office chair on carpet. Once we have chosen the carpet, we always think about protecting it. One of the causes that most wear out carpets is the wheels of rolling chairs.

The first time we had to protect the floor of an office ourselves; some areas without carpets (parquet) and other areas with carpets; We think of methacrylate protectants.

In this link you have an example that you can select several sizes.

Features to keep in mind: Here we are going to detail the symbols on KP rugs to look at, although they could be similar on other types of rugs.

When your carpet or carpet is subjected to the pressure of wheelchairs, this stress is maximum. Only those who meet the requirements for a specific test procedure may use these symbols:

  • The first would indicate that using a wheelchair-friendly occasionally not damage your carpet.
  • The second would indicate that the carpet or carpet is prepared for continuous use of wheelchairs, such as an office, etc. Original designs of Kaplan office rugs
    Easy-to-clean rugs, like the models: Alfresco, Organik, Spart, Spartwo, Takto. They are all rugs suitable for both interior and exterior, some with similar aspects, some of them to sisal, and the great advantage is that they resist fresh water and saltwater (Alfresco).

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