Looking For The Best Foam Floor Mats For Babies? Having a baby is the most important step when you try to create a family. He is not only another soul that brings you joy, but a baby keeps the family united and happy.

Since he is yours to protect, you are willing to do anything to keep your baby safe and happy.

However, as many of you know, having a baby is like starting a business. A baby will turn a lot of your relaxing time into baby management time.

This is completely fine, since a baby needs his mother and his father by his side so that he grows properly.

And so you want to buy the best toys and tools that will help you keep your baby happy and safe.

And instead of placing your baby on a hard surface when you want to play with him. This is where a baby foam floor mat comes in.

A baby foam floor mat is a perfect soft surface for tummy time, exercising, crawling, playing, etc.
But how do you know that you are buying a quality mat for your baby? Check this article to find out.

Top Chart Of Foam Floor Mats For Babies

ImageProduct NameRatingCheck Latest Price
Baby Brielle Interlocking Hexagon baby mat
[Editor Choice]
4.3/5Check Latest Price
Tadpoles Soft EVA foam mat4.2/5Check Latest Price
INEX Life Soft Foam Baby Play Mat4.4/5Check Latest Price
BalanceFrom kids puzzle play mat4.2/5Check Latest Price
Non-Toxic Extra Thick 9pieces mat4.3/5Check Latest Price

Why Should You Need The Best Foam Floor Mats For Babies?

The question that might disturb you right now is “How can it help me?”.

That’s a great question. It is obvious for you to be skeptical about things you know nothing about.

So here are some of the reasons a baby floor foam mat can help you:

  • The baby floor foam mat provides a soft surface on the floor where your infant can play without worries. This will keep your mindless focused on whether the surface is soft enough for your baby. So you will be able to focus on entertaining yourself and your child by playing together.
  • Most of the time the foam floor mats are very large. This allows both you and your baby to sit on it while playing or in tummy time.
  • The baby foam floor mat can help your baby develop skills faster, as the fear of hard surfaces fades out. If you want to create a safe and entertaining environment for your child, this should be an important item.

Product reviews of the Best Foam Floor Mats For Babies

So if you became interested in now into buying a baby foam floor mat, you still might not know where to start.

There are tons of products on the internet, and only a couple prove themselves to be both cheap and good.

Because of that, this section will stop you from wasting time while searching for a decent baby foam floor mat.

So here you have 5 products that have a decent quality and that come at a decent price:

1. Baby Brielle Interlocking Hexagon baby mat

This baby foam floor mat comes with a nice grey and white design. It has multiple little pieces of the mat in a hexagonal shape that you need to connect together to form the mat.

Of course, the pieces have a nice quality and will fit easily one into another.

However, this can also be disturbing if you lose by chance any piece of the mat.

The design is also very simple and elegant. It fits well in any room.

The mat has the dimensions of 6 x 4feet, which is spacious enough for both you and your child.

The material of the mat is waterproof, non-toxic, anti-shock and it isn’t slippery. Its main feature is that it is soft, which allows your baby to move freely and safely on it.

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  • The mat absorbs the shocks that it takes, so that your baby doesn’t hurt himself while playing.
  • Because of this feature your infant will be protected from injuries.
  • Because of the 6 x 4 feet dimensions the mat is perfect for energetic kids who want to move a lot. It also has enough space for you to sit on it as well.
  • Even though it is soft, you don’t want your baby to slip and fall. So the mat has a non-slippery surface which will give a better grip for his small legs.


  • Because there are lots of pieces that need assembly, it will take some time for you to assemble it. The frustration goes further if you lose any piece by mistake.
  • Although the texture is non-slippery, it is still pretty rough, so you might want to put on a blanket.

2. Tadpoles Soft EVA foam mat

This mat has a soft material and comes with 36 square pieces. It has the alphabet letters, each written on one of the pieces.

The remaining pieces have the numbers from 1 to 9. This will be a great way to teach your infant the numbers and the alphabet.

It is more entertaining for them to learn while playing than with books or notebooks.

The final size of the baby foam floor mat is 36 square feet, which is enough for you and your infant to sit on.

The mat is soft and the material is resistant and waterproof. The composition contains 100% EVA foam, which is lead free and non-toxic.

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  • The alphabet and the numbers that are present on your mat will provide a better learning environment for your child. They will enjoy learning, since it is combined with playing.
  • The 36 square meters of EVA foam is large enough for your child to crawl, roll and play safely. It is also big enough for yoga if you want to exercise.
  • The EVA foam material is soft and it provides a great and safe environment for your kid to play on.
  • He will not experience any grave injuries while on this mat.


  • As well as in the previous product, the assembly can take you a bit longer than needed. Also if you lose any piece, the alphabet will look weird.
  • The letters can come out of the mat pieces. This might not seem a huge problem. However, the little pieces of foam beneath the letters can produce choking if swallowed by your infant.

3. INEX Life Soft Foam Baby Play Mat

This product is similar with the other products. However, this item has less interlocking pieces that you need to assemble.

This will reduce the time it takes for you to assemble the mat. Also the design of this mat is simple and it has an elegant black and white color.

Almost all of the pieces also have small walls on the outer edges, which provide protection for your baby. They will stop him from rolling out of the mat.

The dimensions of the mat are 60 x 60 inches when the walls are down and 48 x 48 inches when the walls are up.

The material of the mat is soft and thick, providing a good shockproof surface for the baby to sit on. It is non-toxic, which keeps your baby healthy when he plays on it.

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  • The thick and soft material will provide a very nice relaxation area for your infant. He will enjoy a lot playing and learning on a safe surface, which won’t harm him.
  • A nice feature of this mat is the walls. Those walls will be very efficient in keeping your baby inside the mat. In so he will avoid injuries from hard surfaces. You can also switch the entrance of the mat in whatever way you like.
  • The mat is waterproof and it is also easy to clean, since it is washable. So you don’t need any other product to ensure you don’t damage the material.


  • The surface is very slippery, which may cause your baby to slip when he tries to crawl.
  • The surface is not large enough for a baby that crawls and moves a lot.

4. BalanceFrom kids puzzle play mat

This is a puzzle mat, which has the purpose to teach your kid how to think. This will develop its communication and thinking skills faster.

Of course, the mat has interlocking tiles that fit easier in a narrower place.

The colors will shine in the baby’s eyes and will draw him to play on the mat. They will make tummy time more enjoyable.

The size of the mat is 6 x 6 feet and the material is thick and soft.

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  • The item is non-toxic and doesn’t have any lead, phthalate or BPA. This will make sure that your baby stays safe during his play time.
  • The premium EVA material is thick and soft. It helps your child to play on a safe and comfortable surface.
  • It is easy to clean. You can do this by using damp cloth and a mild soap.


  • There are lots of pieces that you need to assemble, which will take you some time. You might even lose them.
  • Some reviewers complain about a bad plastic smell.

5. Non-Toxic Extra Thick 9pieces mat

This mat didn’t come with a name of its own, which is weird. However, the mat has in composition a thick and soft EVA foam, which is a very comfortable material.

The dimensions of each of the 9 pieces of tile are 24 x 24 inches.

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  • The item is non-toxic and has great EVA foam material for a soft and thick product, which avoids injuries. It also keeps your baby healthy.
  • The simple design and only 9pieces of mat that need to interlock will make packing and unpacking a lot easier.
  • This item has EVA foam which is water resistant and washable.


  • The fact that there is no name for the product makes you wonder if they actually made a good mat.
  • This mat is way smaller than the other mats.

How to choose the best baby foam floor mat?

Let’s assume that you aren’t satisfied with any of the products mentioned above.

Maybe you want to check on your own marketplace and choose your best foam mat.

Don’t worry! Here you have some little tips on how to choose a baby foam floor mat:

  • A good thing to look for is an item which has the waterproof feature. It is very important so that your child avoids germs and other bacteria which are on the floor. Instead, you can play with them on the waterproof mat which can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • It is very important that your mat is thick and spongy. If you choose a mat for your child, then make sure he avoids cold and hard floors.
  • Choose a mat that you think it will help your baby develop his skills faster. If you choose a good one, your child will grow in strength and thinking.

Top features of a good baby foam floor mat

Maybe you wonder what are the top features of a good and high-quality baby foam floor mat. So here you have the top features of a high-quality baby foam mat:

  • A good foam mat has a thick material, which not only that provides warmth, but it is also a soft surface. It can keep your child away from hard and cold floor, spills or bumps.
  • A very good baby floor foam mat is able to entertain and help develop your child’s abilities. While playing on a safe surface, he can develop mental skills, the muscles of his body, the communication skills, and so on. Of course, this happens when you stay with him and help him do all that of course. Let’s not pretend the mat has magic powers. It is, however, a safer place for your child to develop.
  • If the foam mat is waterproof, you will be able to easily wash it if it gets dirty. Also, if any liquid lands on it, it won’t damage the mat.

Buyers’ Guide a good baby foam floor mat

Now let’s go and talk about how to ensure that you buy a good product, based on the features above:

  • Always read the reviews carefully, so that you can know the flaws of the mat. Some mats could have a bad smell some might have a rough surface. You will never know unless you check the opinions of previous buyers.
  • Check the material of the product. Most of the baby foam floor mats use EVA foam as the primary material of the mat. You should go for this material most of the times.
  • Pay attention to the size of the baby foam floor mat. If a 36 square feet mat doesn’t fit into your house, it would be a waste to buy it
  • Make sure that the material doesn’t have a toxic smell. This might not harm you or your child, but it is very annoying. Sometimes it can even harm your health.
  • Don’t go overprice for any mat. Check the details of it before considering to buy an expensive one.

The ultimate decision, however, lies within you. You are the only one that can decide whether a baby foam floor mat is good for you or not.

Has your baby made a mess of your house, we can help with that too!