Yes, you can use a hard floor chair mat on carpet, but it should be thick. Without thick mat you can not move your chair on carpet. So it is very important to chose the right mat for hard floor.Can you use a hard floor chair mat on carpet

Carpet cleaning with potatoes

Potatoes are very suitable for cleaning carpets. To do this, grate raw potatoes and pour boiling water over them.

Let the potato-water mixture stand for three hours before straining the mixture (pouring it through a sieve). Then brush your carpets with it, wait a little (exposure time) and then vacuum over it.

The dirt from the carpet should now have loosened well and can be picked up with the vacuum cleaner.

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Removing stains from light-colored carpets

  • Stains on light-colored carpets can be treated well with lemon juice. – You should not use lemon juice on dark carpets as this has a bleaching effect, which could negatively affect the condition of your carpet.
  • Stain removal with glycerine from carpets Glycerine is very suitable for removing stains from carpets. Put the glycerine on the stain or stains and let it take effect. Then soak a cloth in clear water and rub over the stained areas on the carpet.
  • Remove soiling from carpets with refreshing towels Conventional refreshing towels are often very suitable for removing small amounts of soiling from carpets or carpets. To do this, simply take the refreshment towel out of the packaging and run it over the dirty area of ​​the carpet.

Bridges or runner Clean: The cleaning of bridges or runners succeed easily, when you drag them after being tapped in the garden on a piece of damp grass.

Tip for carpets with fringes: If you own a carpet with fringes, it is advisable to spray the carpet fringes with a little spray starch.

The strength ensures that the fringes stay better on the floor and do not get dirty so quickly.