A yoga mat consists of stretchy material that provides core support to the users. When the user changes positions, you need to dig your bones into the ground.

A yoga mat offers a comfortable and flexible space to users for doing difficult yoga positions. It assists users in practicing yoga Asanas, which are otherwise difficult to do on the bare floor.

Many people find it difficult to choose the perfect yoga mat. Also, many do not have an idea regarding the good-quality of the best yoga mat for carpet.

Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Best-Quality Yoga Mats

1. Premium Thickness of the Yoga Mats

There are multiple thicknesses of the yoga mats available. If you do not experience any pain in the knees, you can go for thinner and smaller yoga mats. 1/3 inches and ¼ inches yoga mat provides a good balance only. They are not padded yoga mats.

If you have joint pains, you should buy a yoga mat with premium-quality thickness. A 3mn 1/8 inches yoga mat is a highly cushioned and padded yoga mat.

Go for premium thickness if you have bad knees. Otherwise, ¼ inches, 1/5 inches, and 1/6 inches thickness of yoga mat is recommended.

2. Material of the Yoga Mat

A yoga mat should consist of a stretchy, top-quality, and classic yoga mat. The material of the yoga mat dictates sponginess, stretchiness, texture, and stickiness.

The material should withstand a lot of pressure. Eco-conscious consumers go for eco-friendly and sustainable materials. But generally, PVC and Rubber material is advised.

So, choose material for the yoga mat smartly. We would recommend you go for rubber material for a yoga mat.

3. Texture of the Yoga

You should purchase a yoga mat that does not let you slide or glide around. Texture dictates the traction of the yoga mat. A textured yoga mat puts in place physical barriers that provide great comfort.

There is a man-made textured yoga mat, which has specific bumpier designs of the yoga mat. There are smoother textures as well as rough textures. So, pick up a design that suits you best.

There are also a few rough materials that organically give texture to the yoga mat.

4. Yoga Mat Should Be Sticky.

When a yoga mat is sticky, it stops you from gliding all over the place. It helps you in the maintenance of your alignments and positions perfectly.

A sticky yoga mat allows you to maintain a pose for many seconds. So, you can perform various yoga positions confidently without fearing to fall or glide around.
A PVC yoga mat is considered the stickiest yoga mat.

5. Lightweight, Comfortable and Portable

There are some top brands of yoga mats that offer fairly heavy yoga mats. You should check the weight of the yoga mat, which should be around 2-3 lbs.

A portable and lightweight yoga mat can be carried comfortably. So, purchase a yoga mat that is fairly lightweight, portable, and comfortable.

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Bottom Line

These 5 tips will help you in purchasing a yoga mat that provides you with great convenience.