Having a baby is the most important step when you try to create a family.

He is not only another soul that brings you joy, but a baby keeps the family united and happy.

Since he is yours to protect, you are willing to do anything to keep your baby safe and happy.

However, as many of you know, having a baby is like starting a business.

A baby will turn a lot of your relaxing time into baby management time.

This is completely fine, since a baby needs his mother and his father by his side so that he grows properly.

And so you want to buy the best toys and tools that will help you keep your baby happy and safe.

And instead of placing your baby on a hard surface, you should buy a baby mat for tummy time.

This mat will help you provide your child with the best comfort possible. If you want to let him play alone while you do important stuff, you can just place him on the tummy mat and let him entertain himself.

But how do you choose a good baby mat for tummy time? And most importantly what would be the best products available?

Check out this article to find out.

Why should you need the best baby mat for tummy time?

It is obvious that you need a good reason for why you should buy this baby mat.

Maybe you don’t even think you need it. So here are a couple of reasons for why you should buy a baby mat for tummy times:

  • The baby mats for tummy time strengthen your baby’s neck, arms and back muscles. Also, when they play on a quality baby mat they will feel less weight from the back head. This will be very beneficial for their growth and well-being.
  • The baby mat for tummy can actually increase the baby’s development. This happens because on the baby mat they can move safely. They also can develop hand and visual skills, because they develop hand muscles and synchronize the eyes.
  • The baby mats for tummy time have a childish design and drawings. Those can entertain your baby for a long time while playing with him. This gives him the opportunity to develop passions and dream about the drawings they saw and liked.
  • The soft and comfortable surface of tummy time mats allow your baby to easily roll and crawl. This will help you avoid accidents such as a hurting back or neck.

Product reviews of a baby mat for tummy time

If you consider buying a baby mat for tummy time, you might be wondering what are the best on-budget mats.

If you wish to find out what a top 5 tummy time mats would look like, check the following section:

1. MAGIFIRE tummy time baby mat

This baby mat comes with a nice drawing of the ocean life.

The design looks very good and stylish. It is an inflatable mat for kids ranging from 3 to 9 months.

From the first time your kid will play on it, he will probably be amazed by the design and enjoy his play.

This baby mat works by filling it with water inside.

The material is a non-toxic PVC material, that is resistant and also soft.

The tests proved that those tummy time mats are durable and that there is no leak coming from them.

The mat helps strengthen the arms, back and leg muscles so that the baby can start learning to crawl.

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  • The material will not leave any leaks and it’s non-toxic, which will ensure your baby’s health.
  • Because it is easy to use, you will have an easy time dealing with it. You just need to place water into the mat and you are ready to go. Afterward, you can just empty the mat and fold it.
  • The nice pictures of the ocean will make your baby laugh and enjoy his playtime.


  • Even though the mat has high quality, it is kind of small. So if your baby starts rolling for too long, he will probably bounce off from it.
  • The valves are on the bottom of the mat, so there will still be a leaking risk that will make your floor wet.

2. POWOBEST tummy time mat

This mat has a nice ocean picture as well. However, this one includes more fish and aquatic life, which fill the whole surface of the mat.

It is a water mat, which has a heavy-duty PVC material to prevent leaks.

It is easy to use. You just need to fill the outer ring with air, and then put water in the middle.

That’s it! Nothing else than letting your child to have fun.

To complete the set, the manufacturer provides you with a compatible air pump.

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  • It is very easy to use and then pack it back. It will keep you away from frustrations for you won’t encounter difficulties.
  • The nice picture of the baby mat has a lot more detail than the previous model. This will draw your baby closer to ocean life, but it will also provide an enjoyable time.
  • Because the mat is soft and not flat, it will prevent the flathead and it strengthens the body muscles.


  • The mat doesn’t prove to be larger than the previous model. So you can face the same issue if you are not careful and watch over the baby. He could roll out of the mat and hurt his fragile body.
  • The item doesn’t have any instructions when you open the package.

3. Hoovy Tummy Time water mat

The item is a water mat once more, which is good for both infants and children.

It is a simpler design than the other products when talking about the ocean picture.

However, I believe it still looks cute.

The product will strengthen your infant’s body muscles and it will allow him to increase his variety of skills.

The dimensions of the baby mat are: 18inches x 23.5inches x 3inches. It is big enough to allow your child to move a lot, but also safe.

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  • The picture of the ocean sea is entertaining and your kid can learn the cause-effect law by pressing on them. This will cause them to move of course.
  • The water creates a comfortable surface for your child to lay on. Since the water can have different shapes, it will not remain flat which will stop the flat head syndrome.
  • It is very easy to use, as you don’t even need to fill the mat with air. You need only water.


  • The valves are not that great at keeping leaks out of discussion. So maybe try to avoid laying on it elder children.
  • Some reviewers complain about a subtle plastic smell. This can make the play irritating most of the times if you pay great attention on this.

4. Tummy Time Water Play Mat 7 Upgrade

This baby mat for tummy time has a great ocean life picture and it is BPA-free.

It has a better system for keeping water in. It has no toxic smell or material as well.

The item is lightweight and portable. You can easily fold it and fill it with water. The dimensions are 26 x 20inchesm which can be big enough for bigger kids as well.

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  • The high-quality reinforced double-sealed water inlet doesn’t allow the water to flow out of the mat. It also makes filling the mat with water easier.
  • The mat is easy to use, which is great so you avoid difficulties with such an unimportant matter. You can also fold it very quickly if you plan to travelwith it.
  • Because of the entertaining picture and the soft surface, the babies develop their mental and physical skills. The picture is also entertaining.


  • The water inlet is on the primary surface of the mat. This could make the child feel uncomfortable on the mat. So you should also add a second blanket if you wish to avoid that.
  • Some reviewers complain about a plastic smell that annoys them.

5. Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time water mat

The last from this list is a nice and cute looking mat with the picture of a cartoonish ocean life.

The great detail from it is absolutely wonderful and will make the child feel great and entertained.

The material is as usual PVC, which is resistant enough to keep water inside.

For this model you will need to fill it with air and water, but of course that this is easy to do.

The manufacturers describe this product as a great tool for strengthening your infant’s body muscles.

Also, he can develop his mental skills through different activities he can do on the mat.

The dimensions of this product are: 26 x 20inches.

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  • The good quality PVC material will stop the water from flowing outside and you prevent your baby from getting wet.
  • The graphics are well colored and they will entertain your child a lot. Those bright and warm colors will shin in his eyes.
  • It is very easy to use, maintain and carry around.


  • Some reviewers complain about a plastic smell coming from it.
  • The air can’t go completely out so the mat will have a couple of bubbles.

How to choose a baby mat for tummy time?

Let’s assume that you have done some research by yourself regarding the above products.

Maybe you just don’t think that any of the above is a good product for your son.

That is completely alright. However, you might be confused about how you should choose a good tummy time baby mat.

So here you have some tips on how to choose a tummy time baby mat:

  • Check if you like the design of the mat, and also its graphics, so that your baby remains entertained.
  • Most of the babies prefer a simple shape and design. So make sure you buy a mat with some basic graphics and shape.
  • Choose a lightweight and portable model, as it is easier to carry around and use.
  • Look for manufacturers which are known to provide great quality when it comes about baby mats.
  • You can choose from water baby mats or pillow stile mats for your child. Keep in mind that the water models can sometimes leak water if the material is not good.

The top features of a good baby mat for tummy time

Let’s check now the top features that a good baby mat should have. Those features will depend on whether there is water or pillow style models, but here are the most important ones:

  • A good baby mat needs a soft, uneven surface. This will prevent the flat head and will develop the infant’s muscles.
  • The material needs to be a quality one, especially when we talk about water models, which could leak water.
  • The best baby mats will not annoy your child with toxic smells. Although a subtle plastic smell will not harm your child, a powerful smell will.
  • A nice mat is simple, with a basic shape and graphics. This will help the babies understand the pictures better.

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Buyers’ guide

It is very important that we know what we are buying, but we need to learn from somewhere this information.

So here you have a buyers’ guide for tummy time baby mats:

  • Make sure that the manufacturer is a common brand. This will reduce the risk of you buying a cheap and useless product.
  • Read most of the reviews of the product before buying. You never know what secret flaws the past buyers discovered. Or maybe it proves to be the reverse, in which the item is better than expected. So always check the reviews.
  • Check is the material is high-quality and that it provides softness for your child. This will help you compare the products in finding the best one.
  • Make sure the item is easy to use and to fold. You don’t want to struggle with it when you carry it or you use it.
  • Check if the item has any toxic smell. Do this by reading the reviews carefully. Keep in mind though that some may just lie.


Even though there is a variety of models on the marketplace, the choice is up to you.

However, now you know how to choose a good baby mat for tummy time.