Pile refers to the layers of the fabric in a carpet. Pile is a soft surface under a carpet, which had made carpet popular. A high-pile carpet has fibers that are looser and taller. Chair mats for high pile carpet protect them from the damage, which is caused by the office chair casters.

When there is a high pile carpet, a chair mat makes it easy for you to move around your desk without any fear. You surely do not want to damage your expensive high pile carpet.

Chair mats for high pile carpet prevent it from regular wear and tear. The chair mats, which are specifically designed for the high-pile carpets, are made for a softer and smoother transition from and to surface floors.

Following are the top features of the chair mats for high pile carpet:

Chair Mats Are Carpet Friendly.

Chair Mats For High Pile CarpetOne of the best features of the chair mats is that they are carpet friendly. Chair mats have cleats at the bottom, which does not disrupt the quality and cause any damage to the high pile carpet. Thus, the high pile carpet is not damaged by the movement of chair casters.

The thickness of the Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet

The chair mat for high pile carpet has a premium thickness, which is why high pile carpet remains undamaged. The basic thickness of the chair mat is 2.5 millimeters. But the chair mats, purposefully made for the carpeted flooring, must be 3 millimeters thick. If the carpet is high-pile, the thickness of the chair mat must be 5 millimeters thick. So, chair mats for high-pile carpets are 5 millimeters thick.

Safe Design for Rolling the Office Chair

Some people roll in the chair due to excitement or happiness, while other roll chairs in confusion, stress, or anger. Chair mats come in the safe design, having lip rectangular design. Chair mats give out the high-impact resistance also, which produces an easy-gliding surface.

With the lip on the chair mat and high-impact resistance, you can safely move your chair around or inside the desk.

Sizes and Shapes of the Chair Mat

Chair mats come in various sizes and shapes. Size and shape must be chosen according to the space around the desk. You can take measurements and analyze the area before making decisions. Then, you may easily find a chair mat that covers the maximum area around your desk.

Chair Mats For High Pile Carpets

Following are some of the best chair mats for high-pile carpets:

Heavy-Duty MuArts Crystal Clear Chair Mat

This is the thickest product available when compared to other mats. It is made of the glass material, which renders it a non-toxic and odorless product.

Pros of the Chair Mat:
It is a transparent chair mat.
Used on both carpeted and hardwood floors.
Non-breakable and long-lasting.

Cons of the Chair Mat:
It is a quite heavy and thicker mat.

Polycarbonate Chair Mat For High-Pile Carpets

Polycarbonate is one of the best materials, which does not cause any damage to the carpeted flooring.

Pros of Chair Mat:
The chair mat is equipped with anti-slip coating.
It has grippers, which prevents it from gliding.
Reduces strain on legs and back.

Cons of Chair Mat:
The product exposes you to the BPA (Bisphenol A).

Amazon Basic Polycarbonate Chair Mat

This chair mat produces a flattened surface, made with polycarbonate. It is rigid and robust, which does not let the chair sink in.

Pros of the Chair Mat:
It is a tough product, which is why it is durable and long-lasting.
A non-toxic and phthalate-free product.
Does not bend or flex.

Cons of the Chair Mat:
The grip of the chair is not thick at the bottom.

Do Chair Mats Ruin Carpet?

Chair mats are built for serving one main purpose: protecting the carpet against the damage and regular wear and tear. Chair mats do not ruin the carpet. Rather, chair mats protect the carpets against any destruction or damage.

What Is The Best Material For Chair Mats?

Chair mats are made of a variety of materials. The most affordable chair mats are made of the PVC material or vinyl, but they are not durable and long-lasting materials. You can also find chair mats that are made of the glass, bamboo, stones, sisal, jute, fabric, etc.

There are also tampered glass chair mats, which are quite expensive. All in all, Polycarbonate is considered as the best material for chair mats.

Polycarbonate is the Best Material For Chair Mats.

Polycarbonate is a durable material, which is included in the construction of a wide range of chair mats. Polycarbonate provides complete protection to the carpets. Polycarbonate material resists the cracking and curling.

The nubs of the polycarbonate chair mats stick to the carpet more securely than the vinyl or PVC. Due to polycarbonate, the surface of the chair mat becomes sturdy, powerful, and strong.

Polycarbonate is non-toxic and odorless material, which ensures your health and well-being. When the chair is reclined or moved, the carpeted floor underneath does not scratch, curl, break or crack. So, customers can relax, recline, and roll the chair smoothly.

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Can you use a hard floor chair mat on the carpet?

No. You cannot use a chair mat on a hardwood floor on a carpet. There are some exceptions as well. For instance, glass chair mats can be used on both the hardwood floor and carpeted floor. So, it can be said that it depends upon the material type.

However, there is a wide difference between a chair mat for a hardwood floor and a chair mat for a carpeted floor.
The thickness of the chair mat of hardwood floor and chair mats for carpeted floor varies from one another.

Hardwood floor chair mats are manufactured in one thickness, whereas chair mats for carpet are made in four different types of thicknesses. The thickness of chair mats for carpet includes economy chair mats thickness, regular chair mats thickness, standard chair mats thickness, and premium chair mats thickness.