A yoga mat should comfort the users, providing them with great support, and giving them a good grip. A yoga mat keeps you from sliding or slipping on the mat. There are many other characteristics such as maintenance of the yoga mat to consider. A yoga mat should be low-maintenance. Otherwise, it would be difficult to carry or clean the yoga mat. Lululemon is one of the best companies in yoga mats. It offers comfortable and supportive yoga mats. The following are some of the best Lululemon yoga mats:


1. Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat of the Lululemon – Offers Best-Value for the Products – Best-Quality Yoga Mats

The reversible mat of the Lululemon gets full marks from the expert yoga practitioners. This mat has been specially designed for yoga practice. IT consists of natural rubber, which gives extra cushioning and a padded effect

Key Features

  • The top layer of the Lululemon yoga mat consists of polyurethane material. This layer absorbs moisture, which gives a good grip to the users.
  • This is an excellent-quality yoga mat that is treated with antimicrobial technology. It prevents the occurrence of mildew or mold on the mat.
  • It is a lightweight and portable yoga mat, which makes it travel-friendly.
  • This is a highly cushioned 5mm yoga mat.

2. Reversible Mat 3MM Yoga Mat – Top-Quality and Amazing Yoga Mat – High-Quality Yoga Mat

This is an all-rounder mat, which provides great cushioning effects. Though it is an expensive yoga mat, it is a more durable and long-lasting mat.

Key Features

  • It is an ideal yoga mat for hatha yoga mat or vinyasa yoga mat.
  • Made of the polyurethane material
  • It prevents the growth of mildew or mold on the mat.
  • The top layer gives a good grip, which gives good stability.
  • This is a 3mm standard sized yoga mat.

3. Arise Mat – Made of the Good-Quality Rubber Material – FSC-Certified 5MM Yoga Mat – High-Quality Yoga Mat

This is a dark-mystic colored yoga mat that has decent cushioning effects. It is a 5mm yoga mat, which is perfect for beginners as well as home workout enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • This is a perfect yoga mat that provides extra cushioning to you.
  • Arise Mat has great aesthetic beauty.
  • It gives extra support to your knees and ankles.
  • A lightweight, affordable, comfortable, and durable yoga mat.
  • It becomes the perfect sacred space for your yoga sessions.

Bottom Line
This is one of the best Lululemon yoga mats. These have been manufactured for adding great support and comfort to your lives.

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