A rug is a floor covering, which is usually a thick woven material or the skin of the animal. It typically covers a specific area and does not extend to cover the entire room. Hardwood floors are the most preferred floors for their amazing benefits.  Here are some ideas and tips for Entry Rugs for Hardwood Floors.

However, entry rugs for hardwood floors also get worn out easily when they receive a lot of traffic. The entrance area receives a lot of traffic for a day. It requires efficient protection against damaging risks. You can put the top-quality entry rugs for safeguarding the entrance area. Entry rugs for hardwood floors are the perfect solution.

Our Pick – Mibao Heavy Duty Front Outdoor Rug Non-Slip Welcome Doormat for Entry, 36 x 60 inch

This is one of the best entry rugs available in the market. It offers a great many benefits to the users.

Key Features:

This entry rug is made of superior quality.
The rug effectively stops the mud, snow, and dirt at the doorway, and does not let them in.
It is perfect for heavy traffic areas.
The rug has anti-skid rubber back, which holds the floor firmly.
The floor protector saves you from tripping on it – no matter how slippery your shoes are.
The rug can be used both inside and outside of the entrance door.

How Do You Protect Hardwood Floors From Area Rugs?

Rugs, that have the rough back, are the worst for your hardwood floor. The wooden floor is damaged and scratched by the seedy underbelly of the rugs. You must place a non-slip rug pad between the wooden floors and the rug to protect your hardwood floors from the area rugs rough backs.

There are synthetic rubber back pads available, which can also be trimmed to the perfect size. They tend to secure the hardwood floors against the damaging elements to a greater extent.

Should You Use A Rug Pad On Hardwood Floors?

Yes. Rug pads can be used on the hardwood floors. A rug pad gives a welcoming barrier between the hardwood floor and the rug. A thicker and denser pad is ideal for placing between the rug and the hardwood floor. If the rug is made from the felt, it would even resist the pressure that is exerted by the furniture. Thus, your hardwood floor is efficiently protected by the dents and dings.

Should A Rug Pad Be The Same Size As The Rug?

No. The rug size should be smaller than the original size of the rug. If the rug is one-inch smaller than the original rug, the edges of the original rug hide the rug pad inside it. Ideally, the rug pad should be one-inch smaller than the original rug on all of the four sides. Then, the original rug looks beautiful, cushioned, and comfortable.

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An entry rug is the best solution for the protection of the entrance area, which is a high-traffic area. A rug has rough back, which may damage the hardwood floor. So, the layer of the rug pad must be placed between the floor and rug to protect the wooden floor.