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Top features of a good Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor

Top features of a good Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor

Features A comfortable and active sitting and working is given by the practical EasyRoll surface since the chair is easy to move.

  • A good chair mat for hardwood floor would be unbreakable and tear-resistant, it does not contain toxins.
  • At the same time, impact noise and noise are optically isolated.
  • There are no PVC or plasticizers on the mat so allergy sufferers can use them. It has good traction and abrasion resistance and is suitable for underfloor heating.
  • The rug was specially made for use on rugs. However, the depth of the mat should not exceed 15mm to ensure effective use.
  • The practical non-slip coating increases traction many times over. The carpet is also suitable for under floor heating and is absolutely wear and chair resistant.
  • The carpet is absolutely odorless and contains no pollutants, so it can be easily used by allergy sufferers. It is also perfectly suited for underfloor heating.
  • easy rolling surface and You could fold it freely.
  • It is odorless mats. Kick-sound and sound-absorbing.

But if from the economic side this type of alternative is interesting, from a functional and aesthetic point of view it can be a disaster since the appearance is not always the best.

You have to know and choose the right product.

As for the category of floor protectors, they are often opaque, rough, and most of the time in vinyl, a material that soaks up with dust and dirt in the structure, to the point that it can no longer be cleaned.

Floor protector: an effective system for protecting parquet

We have discovered and adopted a product that stands out from the range of studio and office floor protectors currently on the market, first of all for its transparency, suitably thin and rigid-flexible which, in addition to making it less visual impact, allows the passage of sunlight avoiding the discoloration/stains caused by it, you can find such a protective carpet on AMAZON.

These provide the mat with optimal grip on the mat without damaging it.

The carpet is chair roll resistant and scratch-resistant so that an office chair can move perfectly on it.

At the same time, impact noise and noise are isolated.

The practical EasyRoll interface allows an office chair to slide effortlessly across the carpet.

It is absolutely stable in the chair and prevents unsightly scratches. The rug is made of post-consumer material and is absolutely environmentally friendly.

It is, therefore, free of pollutants, resistant to aging and above all yellowed.

The surface of the mat allows for effortless sliding of the office chairs. It has a lip for a perfect fit under a desk.

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