Chair Mats for Carpet LowesLowes is an international home improvement products retailer. In Mats department of Lowe’s, it offers top-quality chair mats for carpets, which are renowned for its durability, value, appearance, and quality.

Lowe’s chair mats are made of the finest quality, decorated with great illustration, design, and colors. You can choose from various sizes and shapes of the chair mat that fit your chair roll area.

Evolve Clear Rectangular Chair Mat, Anji Mountain Rectangular Indoor Chair Mat, Tenex Clear Rectangular Indoor Chair Mat, etc. are some of the best chair mats for carpet available at Lowe’s.

How Do You Make A Chair Mat?

You can make a chair mat at home, saving many bucks. You can make a chair mat at home under $100. Handmade chair mat would last you longer than the commercial chair mats. Commercial chair mats do not always have superb performance.

Top-quality chair mats give you the comfort you require – rolling your chair freely in the chair roll area. You can acquire a similar comfort and experience by making a chair mat at home.

Here is how you can make a wooden chair mat at home:

Step# 1: Buying the Material for the Chair Mat

You will need different things for the construction of the chair mat. But the first thing would be wood. There are different kinds of woods available in the market. For this particular project, we will be going ahead with the laminate flooring material.

Perfect laminate flooring material for chair mat is available under $30. Laminate flooring is the ideal material for chair mats as it has flexibility and hardness required.

Step#2: Preparing the Base of the Chair Mat

Pieces of the laminate flooring can be snapped together and use this as a chair mat instantly. But you must dismiss this idea immediately, as chair mat would be useless without a tough base. The flooring pieces must be mounted on a base to act as a chair mat.

Measurements of the chair roll area would determine the width and length of the base. You can prepare the base of the chair mat by chalking out measurements and cutting it to perfect size. Otherwise, you can always purchase the ¾ particle board, which is an ideal base size of the chair mat. Particleboard is heavy, tough, and durable. It would cost around $15.

Step# 3: Preparation of the Trim Pieces

The particleboards must have trim pieces to prevent you from tripping or sliding over. Trim pieces would cover the raw edges of the laminate flooring material and the particleboard. They increase the functionality of the chair mat as well as its appearance.

You can cut the ¾ alder boards to get the trim pieces. You may fill the hole with putty, sand and finish the pieces. Lastly, trim pieces would require staining and sealing – the stain must resonate with the laminate flooring material.

Step# 4: Installation of the Trim Pieces

This is an important step because you start to build a chair from here. You will be installing the trim pieces at the perimeter of the particleboard. You can use a nail gun and glue for installing the trim pieces.

Step# 5: Installation of Flooring Pieces

After the installation of trim pieces, you can begin installing the flooring pieces. The first piece is always with the tongue portion that is trimmed away. It depends on whether you allow the flooring pieces to float or glue them together.

Using construction adhesive is the best technique, which increases the functionality of the wooden chair mat.
The construction adhesive would be applied at the base, and flooring pieces are placed above it.

Step #6: Walking All Over It

The moment you are done with the installation of flooring pieces, you must walk all over it. When you walk over it, pieces settle down. All the waves and slightest of buckles are removed.

Do Office Chairs Damage Laminate Floors?

Office chair wheels can easily damage the laminate floors. Laminate flooring can be damaged when you roll your office chair unintentionally. According to research, an employee rolls his chair 250 times a day.

You can prevent damaging your expensive laminate floors by getting a chair mat. An investment in the chair mat is worth it. Your office chair will be placed on the mat, this office chair will not come into direct contact with the laminate floors.

If you move your chair for a longer period, you can always consider buying yourself a large chair mat that covers your chair roll area. Otherwise, you can always construct a wooden chair at home with a bit of effort and hard work.

Why Does My Chair Mat Keep Cracking?

If you buy a low-profile chair mat for a plush carpet, the chair mat would up bending and cracking. You must buy chair mats depending upon the type of your carpet or flooring material. For a high-pile carpet, you need to buy a heavy-duty chair mat.

So, you must always buy a chair for a carpet that is thicker than the carpet – this is the general thumb rule.

What Do You Put Under Office Chair On Carpet?

Chair mats are placed under office chair on a carpet. Chair mats have become necessary office items, which offer a great many advantages such as protection of floor against damage, non-skid features, ergonomic features, and optimum functionality, etc.

It does not only protect your flooring from getting damaged, but chair mats also improve your postures and reduce your fatigue. So, chair mats increase your productivity and worth in your field.

You start working in an energetic and positive environment. So, chair mats provide you with comfort and relaxation to work tirelessly for the attainment of your desired goals and objectives.

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Lowe offers a high-quality, unique, and amazing collection of the chair mats. But you can also make chair mats at your own home. Chair mats offer useful advantages such as protecting the floors as well as reducing the fatigue and lethargy of the employees.

Chair mats make your office chair more ergonomic and comfortable for you. So, chair mats have become a necessary item for the offices.