Finding the best kitchen mat for your hardwood floor can be a daunting task. There are so many options available in the market, which leaves you in a dilemma confused. Kitchen mats must be chosen after proper research as it impacts the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Also, hardwood floors need special care and extra love for maintaining their exquisite beauty, brightness, and finishing.

By picking the wrong mats, you can end up damaging your expensive hardwood floor with rug pads. It is very important to choose high-quality and the best kitchen mats for your kitchen hardwood floor.

What kind of rug is best for hardwood floors?

Kitchen Mat For Hardwood FloorFollowing are some of the qualities that a rug must have in order to qualify as one of the best rugs for hardwood floor:

Kitchen Mats Must Be Beauty Enhancer

Every part of your house is important including your kitchen. We are reminded to remain focused on the color of the wall and the design of the kitchen. But, we tend to avoid the hardwood flooring of the kitchen. Kitchen mats are available in various designs, shades, colors, themes, floral patterns, etc.

You must choose a kitchen mat that meets your requirements as well as seems to be the right for your kitchen.

Comfortability of the Kitchen Mats

Comfortability is one of the top choices when it comes to choosing kitchen mats. The kitchen is the busiest part of the house, where food is prepared for the family three times a day. The kitchen mat must be designed to relieve you of your knee, back, and foot pain.

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats must be a perfect blend of the support and the softness. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are made of high-density PVC material, which makes it durable and safe. High-density PVC material allows you to stand on the kitchen mat with great comfort and ease. Standing on the anti-fatigue kitchen mat, you do not get tired and exhausted – no matter how many hours you cook.

Non-Slip Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats must have non-skid features and a steady grip. The kitchen mat also must have a non-slip bottom and advanced beveled edge. A non-slip kitchen mat does not curl or wear down. So, it protects you from tripping.

No Dirt or Pet Hair

Kitchen mat must be designed in a way that it does not collect pet hair or dirt. With just a single swipe, no-dirt kitchen mat get rids of the dirt and pet hair.

Are rubber backed rugs bad for hardwood floors?

Yes. Rubber-backed rugs are bad for the hardwood floors. There are chemicals present in the rubber-backed rugs, which leave permanent remarks on the hardwood floors. Rubber-backed floors also discolor the rubber-backed rugs. Your hardwood floor loses its freshness, delicate beauty, and finishing due to these rubber-backed rugs.

Rubber-backed rugs can be used after taking certain precautions. The only safety precaution is to put the rubber-backed rug over a safe-rug pad. Thus, your hardwood floors do not get damaged by the rubber-backed rugs.

How Can I Protect My Hardwood Floors In The Kitchen?

It is true that hardwood floors have the most impressive lifespan, yet their surface area is susceptible to scratches, damages, and dents. Thankfully, there are many ways that will help in prolonging the life of your hardwood floor.

By protecting your hardwood floor in the kitchen, you also maintain the lifespan as well as finishing of your hardwood flooring.

Here are some of the handy tips:

Rugs in High-Risk Areas

One of the most effective ways to protect your hardwood floors in the kitchen is by putting rugs in high-risk areas. You can place the rugs in high-risk areas such as in front of the stove and kitchen-island area.

There is also a specific high-risk area in the kitchen that receives the most traffic. You can place the rug in the heavy-foot-traffic area, and save your kitchen hardwood floor from discoloring and damaging. Rugs would minimize the regular wear and tear to a greater extent.

Daily Cleaning

You must sweep and clean the kitchen hardwood floor and rugs on a daily basis. Daily sweeping and cleaning would prevent irreparable damage that dust and sand brings. You must implement a no-shoe policy in the kitchen.

No-Shoe Policy would prevent dirt that is brought in the kitchen by the shoes. Thus, you will be able to maintain a beautiful shine in your kitchen that remains a focal point in your kitchen.

Felt Furniture Pads

If there is an island in your kitchen, there are chances of a few standing stools beside it. These stools would move back and forth the entire day. The movement can cause dents and scratches on the hardwood floor. So, you must ensure stools or chairs have felt furniture pads.

By consistent efforts and smart usage of the kitchen, you will be able to maintain the finishing and shining of your kitchen area.

What Is The Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat?

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are made of high-density PVC material, which is why it is the most comfortable and relaxing kitchen mat. Anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock that is created by walking.

The absorption creates the cushioning effect, therefore the foot fatigue is greatly reduced. All in all, it does not eliminate the sore foot. When there is a combined work with quality footwear, it improves working conditions in the kitchen.

Following are the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats:

Sky Mats Anti-Fatigue Mat

This is one of the best anti-fatigue mats, which is made of 0.75 thickness, comfortable foam, and faux-leather exterior. Sky mat is also equipped with a non-skid bottom and beveled-edge design.

Kangaroo Anti-Fatigue Mat

Kangaroo anti-fatigue mat has excellent comfortable cushioning and ergonomic design. It is a waterproof mat, which also has a great range of patterns and color options.

J&V Textiles Chef Series Anti-Fatigue Mats

J&V anti-fatigue mats would stand out in your kitchen due to its variety of colors, illustrations, and designs. It has a 0.5-inch thickness, yet provides a cushioning effect for feet for a long period of time.

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Kitchen mats must have non-slip, anti-fatigue, no-dirt, and beautiful design features. You must not only go after the design only, but you must consider all of these characteristics of a beautiful anti-fatigue mat. These characteristics will improve the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen as well as your comfort and relaxation.

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