Gym Floor MatsThe gym floor mats should ensure the protection of joints while performing physical exercises. Since traditional types of flooring are hard and tough, gym floor mats are considered ideal to do the workouts.

For covering the floors of the home gym a variety of options are available. Selecting the best type of gym floor mat is indeed a challenging task. The best and the most widely used gym floors mats are foam, rubber, carpet, turf and vinyl flooring.

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Foam Mats

Those who search for the cheapest floor mat for the home gym may choose the foam flooring. Foam is ideal for exercises that include a lot of sit-ups and stretching.

This is the best gym floor mat for athletes since they have a lot to do sitting on the floor. Foam mats can be easily cleaned just by wiping with a damp cloth. Since foam mat absorbs shocks, it is ideal for the kids.

Since foam mats are of lightweight, they are easily portable. Foam mats can be installed easily just by locking the tiles together. Custom designs can be formed by locking together foam mats of different colors.

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Rubber Mats

Rubber gym floor mats are very easy to install. Those who buy these mats can install them without hiring the installation experts. Rubber gym mat is the most durable type of gym floor mat. Even the rubber mats installed in ice skating rinks remain intact for more than 10 years.

Rubber floor mats ensure the best shock absorption. Those who perform very tough workouts and lift heavy weights prefer rubber mats. The rubber floor mat is very easy to clean and since it absorbs sound neighbors will not be irked. The rubber floor mat is water-resistant as well as antimicrobial.

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Carpet Mats

Carpet mats are a highly durable type of gym floor mats. Even after rough use, they remain intact for many years. Even the average home gym user knows very well how to maintain these floor mats. The carpet floor mat is as soft as the foam floor mat. Carpet floor mats are available in a variety of colors.

Turf Mats

Turf gym floor mat is ideal for a variety of activities including running, calisthenics and Cross-Fit. The floor made of turf mats is very safe and for athletes, the risk of getting injured is very less. This type of floor mats withstand any amount of wear and tear and will remain fresh for many years.

Turf floor mats require very little maintenance and thereby ensure saving of time and money. These mats provide the gym with a modern appearance with much functionality.

Vinyl Mats

Installing the vinyl gym floor mats is a very easy DIY task. There are many color options so as to create a checkered appearance and many fun patterns. Vinyl floor mats are highly durable and in spite of abuse of heavy vehicles, these mats remain intact for years.

These tiles can be cleaned easily using water and mild soap. Since they withstand oils and various auto chemicals they will not get stained or damaged easily. In garage home gyms this tile is the best option since it can withstand oil and solvents.

What is the best flooring for a commercial gym?

Flooring Rolls provide the best flooring for the commercial gym. Flooring Rolls provide a rather luxurious type of flooring. Floor made of Flooring Rolls is worth its price since these rolls are ideal for covering large areas. However, they are not very expensive also.

In this type of gym flooring only at fewer places, the floors join together. As a result, the floor is perfectly leveled and appears smooth. In this type of gym flooring, chances are very less for the formation of gaps.

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Even after people run and walk over these mats no gaps will be formed.

How thick should a rubber gym floor be?

Normally, rubber gym flooring will have a thickness in the range 1/4 ” – 1/2 “. Those who want to reduce the cost of flooring can opt for thin sheets with thickness in the range 5 mm – 8 mm.