Driving has become a habit for us. In fact, the most popular way to travel is by car. And those cars are definitely not cheap. As the car gets better, so does the price.

Most people care a lot about the hygiene of their cars. They want them to look like the first time they saw it. So you want your car to have the best attributes as possible.

So why not include the attribute of looking clean? So you want to keep it clean by buying a set of mats to put on the floor.

But some mats are specifically for winter or summer, so you will need to change them every season.

This is where all-weather mats come handy. In this article, you will understand why should you buy all-weather car mats.

Why should you use all-weather car mats?

The biggest question that comes in your mind is “How will this help me?”

Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should use all-weather car mats:

  • The all-weather car mats have a rubber or plastic material. This type of material is very tough with dirt or mud, and so your carpet stays safe. Most of the time manufacturers create the mats with a diamond pattern or raised ridges so that snow, water, or any moisture can channel away from the resting place of your feet. This is a great element for muddy situations.
  • The all-weather mattresses are also very easy to clean since it catches any debris that falls on the mats. This is possible because of the tough and impermeable material.
  • Most of the all-weather car mats have a very good-looking design which makes the car feel more premium and cozy. Also, if you happen to have a dry day, placing your bare feet on a clean diamond pattern mat is also very satisfying.
  • The all-weather mats will keep your car’s floor safe and clean the entire year. Since they can hold on the snow, mud, moisture, or any other substance, you will not have to deal with cleaning the floor, which is tough to clean.

Product reviews of all-weather car mats

So now you might be ready to buy new all-weather car mats set. But how do you know that you are buying a quality set of all-weather car mats?

Don’t worry. It is time that we take a look at some of the best all-weather car mats models that are available to buy and that don’t cost that much also:

1. AmazonBasics 3-Piece All-Season car mats

This Amazon product is a set of car mats that will serve you the whole year. The material is rubber and the manufacturers recommend this set of car mats for cars SUV’s and Trucks.

The set comes with 3 pieces: two front seats one for driver and one for passenger and the back seats one.

The manufacturers made the material from premium, heavy-duty and thick BPA-free rubber that is odorless and not toxic.

Another good attribute is that the product will last for a long time and it will not split, break or wrap on harsh conditions, which is very good for a product of this type.

However, every product has its downsides. Let’s check those:

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  • This set of all-weather car mats is compatible with trucks, cars, but also SUV’s. Besides this, they are also customizable. You can easily trim them so that they fit on your car, as most cars have different seat spaces. It is a very good feature, which will not affect the resistance of the mats.
  • The pattern of the mats and the material provides a good anti-slip surface and a comfortable place to rest your feet.
  • The rubber material is not toxic and odorless, which is good for your health.


  • They are not that thick. They are actually quite thin.
  • In the cold the mats can get pretty stiff. However, it’s not that great of an issue.

2. Motor Trend MT-794-BK car mats

The next product is a Motor Trend set of 4 pieces of rubber mattresses. They are compatible with cars and SUVs and they are all-weather as usual. The 4 pieces are 2 front seat mats, one for driver and one for the front passenger, and also 2 for the back seats.

The material of the mats is rubber and it is 100% odorless and the mattresses have heavy-duty protection. This means that they will resist for a long time, which you definitely want to.

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  • The 4-piece set will give you more flexibility for cleaning and placing the mats properly. If you were to get one piece of mat dirty from the rear, you could just clean that specific mattress. If you would have a 3-pieces set, most likely you would have to remove the whole piece to clean.
  • The mattresses are customizable. They have patterns that you can easily trim by using scissors. Keep in mind that if you don’t make the right cuts, you won’t be able to cover the whole floor size.
  • The odorless rubber material is hygienic and very resistant for a long time.


  • The grippers on the bottom are not that great and they tend to move around instead of sticking in place.
  • The rear mats are kind of small for bigger cars.

3. Uckaskin car floor mats for Nissan Rogue

This set of mattresses is compatible with the 2014th to 2020th version of Nissan Rogue.

The material is rubber and the set has 3 pieces of mats: two for the front seats and one which occupies all the rear floor.

The color is also a nice carbon black combined with blue lines.

This item is perfectly compatible with all the Nissan Rogue cars that launched within the 2014th-2020th period.

It is easy to wash since the material very touches and doesn’t absorb debris. Another good thing to mention is that the material is an ecologically friendly soft rubber.

It is odorless as well. It can resist temperatures between -30 to -160F degrees.

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  • The set fits perfectly for the Nissan Rogue car series, so you don’t need to make any adjustments. This is a good feature, as you can just place the mats on the floor and start driving.
  • The item can resist very low temperatures, with a maximum of -34C. This is very good if you intend to make a trip at the North Pole.
  • It has a deep hexagon design that can hold the debris very well, but you can also clean it easily.


  • The product is only compatible with the Nissan Rogue series. So if you plan to use it on another car it won’t work, as they aren’t customizable.
  • The item is more expensive than the other models from this list.

4. TuxMat custom car floor mats

This item is a 3-pieces customizable, with rubber material and a nice designed set of all-weather mats. It is mainly a Hyundai Kona accessory.

It has a large coverage, but it is also all-weather and waterproof. The Canadian company made this item to be very useful against salt or any damaging debris.

The manufacturers don’t recommend the usage of those mats for manual transmission cars.

The set covers both front and rear floor space and it has 3 pieces.

The design of the set has the purpose of imitating the leather texture interior of most vehicles.

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  • The high-quality leather material can resist salt and other debris and it is 100% waterproof. This increases its resistance.
  • The mattresses cover the largest area possible of the floor. Sono debris or liquid can sneak on the car floor below.
  • You can easily place and remove the mattresses in a couple of seconds and then you are good to go.


  • The set is only compatible with Hyundai Kona 2018-2020 versions. So other cars will not benefit from their usage as much as the main type of compatible car.
  • The item can’t be shopped from Amazon, as no company sells it there.

5. Motor Trend MTX101 car mats

This set includes 4 pieces of grey color and rubber material mattresses for car floors.

You can use it with a basic car, a van, SUVs, and also trucks. The mats are waterproof and have a drain lineage so that water leaves the spots where you rest your legs.

The mats have a nice sport design and they are very resistant, but also customizable.

Another feature is the ergonomic grooves that are on the top of each mat, which provide comfort and good grip.

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  • The ridge patterns of the mattresses can easily capture mud, snow, dirt, water, etc. You will also be able to clean the mattresses easily afterward.
  • The mats are customizable, so you can use the scissors to trim them so that they match your car floors.
  • A good reason to buy this product is its durability. Since the manufacturers tested the mats in harsh environments, you might as well trust the opinions of experts.


  • The item is not available on Amazon due to unknown reasons.
  • Reviewers complain about the front seats who do not fit most of the cars’ floors.

How to choose the all-weather car mats for you?

Maybe the above products didn’t satisfy you at all! Maybe you just don’t think they are that great or that they wouldn’t fit in your car.

It’s always alright, as nobody knows you better than you do. However, you need to understand the different companies that create good car mats.

So here you have the most popular brands to check out while searching for car mats:

  • The main one is Weather Tech, which is a very popular car mats company. They use laser measurements so that every mattress fits perfectly into the car. Their main design of the surface has the purpose of carrying away the water or debris from your shoes.
  • Another floor liner to consider is Husky Liners. They create awesome custom floor mats for every seat floor of your car, including even the trunk. They use a patented rubberized plastic material that is very resistant. They also create a great grip for the mats.
  • Another brand worth considering is PlastiColor. They have a wide variety of licensed floor mats that will fit great in your vehicle.

Top features of all-weather car mats

What do you think that are the top features of all-weather car mats?

If you have nothing in mind, then pay attention at this next section hear the features of all-weather floor mats:

  • The best feature of the all-weather car mats is their durability. This is the main reason people go for those types instead of the carpet floor mats. They have a heavy-duty rubber material which will serve for a long time. It also doesn’t get damaged from water or other debris, as the material is tough.
  • The surface of the all-weather mats is waterproof. It can trap any debris and solid particles such as the ones from dust and sand.
  • Because the material is usually rubber, you can easily clean the mats, as the rubber is tough and doesn’t absorb. Because of the easy cleaning, you will not waste good cleaning products on the mats.
  • The mats will keep your floor carpet protected, as they keep any substance away from it.
  • They also provide a nice look to your car and the good ones are also odorless.

Buyers’ guide

By checking the features, we can formulate a little buyers’ guide that will help you to choose the best product.

So here you have the most important things you should look for while buying all-weather car mattresses:

  • Read the reviews of the product to check if the item is very durable. Also, check if it holds against low temperatures as well. This will ensure that you buy a good product.
  • Look for customizable floor mats, as you can trim them if you happen to buy larger mats than needed.
  • Check if the material is tough enough to resist against sand, dust or other debris that can damage them.
  • Select the design of your mats carefully. Most of the times you want drainage channels that can remove the water from the resting place of your feet.
  • Read the reviews for information about the smell. You definitely don’t want a bad rubber smell in your car.

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So, there are a lot of products on the market. Most of them might be crap stuff, so this is the reason for this article’s existence.

Now you know about all the things to look for while buying all-weather car mats.

However, you also know now why you should buy them and some great products that you can get inspiration from.

In the long run, however, the choice is completely up to you!