floor matsThose who drive cars often have the problem of displaced floor mats of the car. When the floor mat is slipped out it may get stuck up under the brake pedal. As a result, the driver finds it very difficult to press it down. Hence the drivers get annoyed when they find that the floor mat of the car is not in place.

Switch over to thick floor mats

It is very important to replace the lightweight floor mats with heavier mats so that it will not slide around. When the floor mats are thin and lightweight, they keep on sliding across the floor of the car. Always ensure that thick and heavy floor mats are provided inside the car.

Make use of carpet tape

The floor mat can be fixed on the floor of the car by applying the carpet tape. The carpet tape is coated with adhesive on both sides. After applying a few carpet tapes on the floor of the car’s cabin place the floor mat over the tapes. Till the adhesive loses its hold the mat won’t slide around.

Drive a screw into the mats

A screw is to be driven into the mats. Screw it down till it catches the carpet. The floor mats will be kept in their place so that they will not slide around. A single screw positioned exactly at the center of the mats is sufficient.

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Use floor mat clips

When the floor mat clips are applied they clip together the floor mat and the carpet. Since the clips are made of plastic there won’t be rusting problems. While choosing the floor mat clips to ensure that they are compatible to the mat.

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Use Drapery Hooks

By using pin-on drapery hooks the car floor mats can be retained in their positions. The lower part of the hook with pointed pin is embedded into the carpet which is under the floor mats. Then the u-shaped part is connected to the floor mat.

Are carpet or rubber car mats better?

It is indeed a tough job to select between carpet floor mats and rubber. The rubber floor mats ensure the best protection and are very easy to clean. The only problem with rubber mat is that it comes only in 3 different colors – black, gray and tan. It is not possible to get a color other than these 3 colors.

Custom-fit carpet mats can very well substitute the factory carpet mats. They provide more coverage and better protection. They are available for comparatively lower prices. Carpet mats come in a wide variety of colors. By choosing the right color they can be the best match to the interior of the car.

Because of this carpet mats are considered better options for luxury vehicles and show vehicles. Carpet mats are available in a wide range of styles also. The prices are also different. Carpet mats can be embroidered with car logos. They can also be personalized with names or initials and can also be found in alternate colors.

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What are the best all-weather floor mats?

The all-weather floor mat is very essential to protect the car and keep the interior clean and without bad odor. All-weather mat ensures protection from liquid, chemicals, debris, snow, dirt, and mud. These mats provide a refined appearance of the car.

One should not go wrong in selecting the best all-weather mats for the car. There are 5 different types of all-weather floor mats.

1. Husky Liners Classic Style Liners

This type of all-weather floor mats ensures the best auto floor protection. Since these mats are made of rugged material they last for a very long period. These mats protect the floor of the car from various contaminants that are likely to damage the floor. These mats will never slide around and even in sub-zero temperatures these mats neither crack nor warp. This all-weather floor mat remains odor-free throughout and it won’t get affected even by intense heat.

2. Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners

These are custom-fit floor mats. They fit perfectly to the carpet and match with the specific body shape of the vehicle. These floor mats ensure 100% protection of the interior of the from oil, sand, mud, spills and other contaminants. These all-weather floor mats are made from a highly durable rubberized thermoplastic blend. These mats neither crack nor break.

3. Husky Weather Beater Floor Liners

These all-weather floor mats ensure great interior protection to cars, trucks and SUVs. These mats protect the car’s floor from water, oil, mud, gas snow, and other harmful spills. Apart from all weather conditions, these mats are ideal for all terrains and seasons. These mats are molded out from Polydurathene thermoplastic. The molding is done using laser measuring technology.

4. Weather Tech Digital Fit Floor Liners

These all-weather floor liners provide ultimate protection to the carpets from water, sand, mud, pets, spills and other messes. These mats have an extra-strong core and they are highly durable. These mats really redirect all debris, dirt and liquids to the particular lower reservoir which can be easily cleaned.

5. Weather Tech All-Weather Floor Mats

These all-weather floor mats come in a variety of finishes to match the unique vehicles. Most of the floor mats are model-specific while a few are made with a universal size and shape. These mats never curl, crack or become hard.

6. How do you secure auto floor mats?

The floor mats may be placed at the proper positions. Just push the fastener down and tap on the cap using a hammer for the prevention of rebound. These mats provide complete protection from snow, mud, liquid, debris and chemicals.