Yoga mats are a necessity for people who practice yoga asanas daily. Yoga Asanas require balancing, which is given by yoga mats. Yoga mats consist of stretchy material. So, a person, standing on yoga mats, can stand on the cushioned and slip-resistant surface. So, a yoga mat is an important tool for doing exercise, Pilates, yoga, stretching, etc.  The Following is a comprehensive review of the best yoga mats:

Yoga Mat

1. Jade Yoga Mat – Environment-Friendly and Top-Quality – offers Good Value for Money

Jade Yoga is a company that has made itself to environmentally conscious people. This is a premium-quality yoga mat, which offers great comfort to your painful knees as well.

Key Features

  • This yoga mat consists of eco-friendly and sustainable material. It does not contain synthetic, EVA, or PVC material.
  • It has a premium-quality 8mm thickness.
  • It has smoother and cushioned material.
  • This yoga mat is durable, which lasts the consumer long.
Yoga Mat

2. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat – Offered by Leading Yoga Mats Company – Offers Value for Every Penny

Priced at $120, Manduka Yoga Mats are one of the top-class mats. This yoga mat is most recommended by all yoga enthusiasts and teachers around the globe.

Key Features

  • It has a 6mm thickness, which gives softness feelings under the feet.
  • Manduka yoga mat has high-density, which gives more stability to the user.
  • This yoga mat has a closed-cell surface. Therefore, it does not absorb any moisture.
  • This yoga mat is available in 08 different styles and 02 lengths.
  • This is a latex-free yoga mat.


3. Reversible Yoga Mat of Lulumen – Excellent-Quality Yoga Mat For People Seeking Premium-Quality Mats – Offers Best-Value

Lulumen is a world-renowned manufacturing company of yoga mats. Lulumen promises to bring a cushion to the knees and hips of users. This is an excellent-quality reversible yoga mat.

Key Features

  • This is an antimicrobial mat, which means that it does not get smelly.
  • This mat is lighter, portable, and travel-friendly.
  • It has a good-quality 6mm thickness.
  • This mat is offered in 01 length but variable colors.


Yoga Mat

4. Extra Thick Yoga Mat Offered by GAIAM –Best-Quality Yoga Mat at Affordable Rates – Offers Good-Value

GAIAM is a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality yoga mat manufacturing company. This company offers yoga mats at highly affordable rates. It has a premium-quality appearance due to its textured surface.

Key Features

  • It has a decent-quality thickness and cushioning effect.
  • This is a latex-free and textured yoga mat, which provides extra support to the user.
  • This is a fairly lightweight and long-lasting yoga mat.
  • This mat is offered in variable 42 different designs.


Yoga Mat

5. Healthy Sivan Extra-Thick Yoga Mat – Made of Great-Quality Material – Available in Multiple colors

Sivan is a leading producer of yoga mats. This mat has been specially designed for people who have joint pain.

Key Features

  • It consists of smoother and stickier material.
  • It offers extra gripping to the user on hard floors.
  • This is a highly cushioned memory-foam material.
  • It is an extremely lightweight, latex-free, and comfortable yoga mat.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the top-quality yoga mats available in the market, which are packed with great features.