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Now time to come to the right point that you want to know. So you are here to know “How to use a chair mat for a hardwood floor?”

Have you bought your new Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor but you don’t know how to use or keep the colors unaltered and protect the material over time?

How to use Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor?

How to use Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor

A chair mat is very helpful to avoid scratch on the floor by the chair. So you should use a chair mat. You need to keep the chair mat in the right place.

As mentioned, to use a protective chair mat is a mat that protects what is underneath. Its only function is to prevent the floor from getting dirty or scratched, acting as a barrier.

Unlike a traditional rug. It has no decorative function. Indeed, a good floor mat is as transparent as possible, so as to show the parquet or the underlying tiles.

To use Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor you need to do take step. The most used material for carpets of this type is PVC, thanks to its many positive characteristics.

  • Transparency, to admire the parquet or the marble it protects.
  • Sturdiness, to withstand pebbles under your shoes, the claws of dogs or cats and any sparks from the fireplace. In the latter case, however, there are better materials: we will see which ones.
  • Waterproof, proof against spilled drinks and splashes of water.
  • Non-slip, so that you and your guests can walk lightly.
  • Sound absorption, proof for children jumping and playing.
  • Recyclability, because green furniture is a priority.

For the correct maintenance of the chair mats it is first of all good to make a great distinction between synthetic chair mats and coconut chair mats: the cleaning of these accessories, in fact, depends on the raw material they are made of.

Synthetic chair mats: how to clean it

To clean a synthetic chair mats:

  • spray a degreaser evenly on the walkable area.
  • pass a stiff bristle brush.
  • rinse with cold water
  • hang out to dry.

Coconut chair mats: how to clean it

Cleaning a coconut chair mats, on the other hand, assumes that it cannot be wet with water.

To keep it looking good for longer do the following:

  •  vacuum to remove any residual fibers: coconut is a natural material. A hair loss, especially in the beginning, is completely normal.
  • remove stains with a specific dry soap.

A protective mat or traditional mat?

Unlike a floor protector, a furniture rug hides the underlying surface. It also tends to get dirty much quicker, being made from fabric.

Furthermore, a traditional carpet is more subject to wear and is likely to be damaged in no time.

Placed next to a stove or under an office chair, a furniture rug forms unsightly white stripes in the most stressed areas.

During the holidays, we recommend that you put away your usual carpet and replace it with a protective floor mat.

Otherwise, you risk it being ruined by the constant coming and going of people, animals, food and drinks.

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