To avoid floor damage you should need a good chair mat. There are various floor protection mats available for both carpets and hard floors. They differ mainly in their different undersurface.

Floor protection mats with anchor knobs on the underside are recommended for carpets. These make it possible for the mat to cling to the carpet. The mat is therefore non-slip.

For hard floors, mats with a smooth underside are recommended. These stick to the floor and are therefore also non-slip.

With the help of a protective mat under the office chair, not only the floor is optimally protected. The rollability of the chair improves enormously. Besides, the even rolling is also very healthy for the body.

The chair rolls more ergonomically. This has a positive effect on the back. People with back problems particularly benefit if the chair does not suddenly jerk when rolling and thus trigger a pain attack.

The popular office chairs roll very poorly, especially on carpets. But even on hard floors, over time, lint, dust, crumbs and hair get caught in the rollers and cause increasingly poor gliding results.

for example made of real wood, require special care and caution. A floor protection mat is very suitable for this.

After all, who has the time and energy to make sure that the chair doesn’t scratch the parquet while working at a desk?

With a floor mat of your choice, you can protect your hard floor from hard plastic rolls on the office chair, wedged dirt in the rolls, dirt under your shoes, scratches and sanding marks.

The mats are easy to clean and impress with their durability.

Carpets can also be very delicate. The higher the pile, the more likely you will see damage from rolling a chair after a short time. A floor mat not only protects the carpet from pressure points and pulled threads.

Should you ever spill a drink, it can be wiped off the mat quickly and easily. You are spared a major annoyance, because carpet cleaning is associated with a lot of time. Unsightly stains are avoided.

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