A chair mat is a very important thing. You can use it easily. It help you to avoid damage to your floor.

If you prefer it simple or if you don’t want to cover the floor in your room, then there are transparent mats for you. These are available in different strengths.

You decide for yourself whether you want the floor to shine through completely or less. You can also bring color into the room with the floor protection mats.

The mats are available in any color of your choice, multicolored as well as single-colored and even striped.About Chair Mat

Shapes and size:

It’s the same with shapes and sizes. You can choose between rectangular, oval and round. Some companies even cut the mats to the desired size for you.

However, the sizes available are so varied that cutting it almost seems unnecessary.

Material: The top of the mat is available with structure or smooth. When it comes to materials, you can choose between PET, vinyl, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and Makrolon.

The latter is a particularly high-quality plastic that impresses with its special quality and safety.

It is also used, for example, for crash helmets. But the other materials were also chosen because they are robust and durable. PET is 100% recyclable.

Like most other materials, it is free from PVC and chemical solvents and plasticizers. Vinyl is particularly hard-wearing.

The vinyl mats are also available with structure. They look as cozy as a carpet. Polycarbonate has the advantage that it conducts heat. This means that these mats can also be used on underfloor heating. Polypropylene does not yellow and is particularly durable.

Antistatic mats: who has not known that you get an unpleasant electric shock because you have become statically charged. The antistatic mats prevent this unpleasant charging.

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