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If you have decided to buy an Entry Mat for Hardwood Floor you can really indulge yourself.

The most common have a rectangular shape but there is no lack of square, crescent or stranger shapes, which range from pets to means of transport, up to the elements of nature.

If you opt for an Entry Mat for Hardwood Floor, the base color will be brown, often decorated with welcome slogans, images or lettering.

In the case of synthetic entry mats, on the other hand, it is possible to select a wide range of colors and patterns.

While those in rubber or plastic are often simply black.

The great diversity of outdoor entry mats allows you to choose the one most in line with the style of the house.

Additional Features Indoor or outdoor entry mats? The elements to be evaluated

To diversify one entry mat from the other are also the materials:

it is the latter, which more than anything else, affect its final cost. Although high-quality materials correspond to the longer longevity of the entry mat.

Before making a purchase it is important to evaluate its position.

An outdoor entry mat must have characteristics that are superfluous for an indoor entry mat.

One of the most suitable outdoor entry mats is the plastic one:

PVC doormats can withstand light and temperature changes, rain and dust.

Furthermore, the thickness of the PVC outdoor doormats allows them not to rise from the ground even in strong winds.

If you don’t like plastic outdoor doormats you can opt for rubber ones.

A rubber outdoor doormat ensures the cleaning of the soles through the presence of slats created on its surface.

It has fairly high longevity and like the PVC outdoor doormat, it resists high or low temperatures, rain, and sunlight.

Choose the entry mats based on where you are going to place them:

Outdoor entry mats

Outdoor entry mats must be made, first of all, of a fairly resistant material. In fact, the durability of the doormat itself will depend on it.

Outdoor doormats are designed to withstand the sun’s rays but also to prevent rain from deteriorating them quickly.

Indoor and covered outdoor doormats

The more protected position of these doormats allows you to select them in less resistant and more delicate materials.

Among the most used doormats in covered environments are those in coconut fiber.

The coir doormats, in fact, are made of a material that is particularly sensitive to the sun, therefore not suitable for outdoor exposure.

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