As your baby gets older and starts to crawl, it is quite obvious that he will want to move around the floor and have all the fun. This is when you bother about purchasing a Best Floor Mats For Babies, a play gym or an activity mat, most commonly known as a floor mat.

It isn’t possible for us to hold our babies 24/7, thus, a play mat is an amazing substitute for the parents and families as well as it entertains them.

They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and themes.

Placing your child on it and doing your tasks in some other room or settling your office works sitting on one side while your child is engaged with his toys – isn’t it a good option to opt for?

Top Chart Of Babies Floor Mat

ImageTitleRatingLatest Price
BalanceFrom Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat
[Editor Choice]
4.4/5Check Latest Price
Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat
[Editor Choice]
4.3/5Check Latest Price
ProSource Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes4.4/5Check Latest Price
Uanlauo Baby Play mat4.1/5Check Latest Price
Superjare 36 Pieces Baby Play Mat4.3/5Check Latest Price
Fun little toys 25PCs Baby Play Mat4.4/5Check Latest Price
Bammax Play Mat4.2/5Check Latest Price
Skip Hop Playspot Interlocking Foam Play Mat For Babies And Infants4.3/5Check Latest Price
Gupamiga Baby Folding mat Play mat Extra Large Foam playmat Crawl mat4.4/5Check Latest Price
Childlike behavior Baby Folding mat4.1/5Check Latest Price

Why do you need a perfect floor mat for your babies?

When your little ones start getting older and turn to be those curious crawlers, you would certainly try to give them a designated place to play.

They start roaming around and if you place them on the sofa, you cannot let them go out of your sight because in case you do, there will be a constant fear within you about ‘what happens if they fall’?

Well, a floor mat is an ideal solution in this context. These floor mats are usually made of rubber or foam, and are thus, extremely convenient to use.

They are soft enough and your tots would love playing on it with comfort.

They are as cushy as carpets but what makes them different from the latter? These floor mats are extremely easy to clean, and you need not worry about your child’s balance.

Keeps your child away from cold:

These playmats are extremely important when your kids crawl down during the winter season.

Playing for long hours on the floor can lead them catch cold and the moment you put your kid off the floor, they start crying.

Therefore, this playmat becomes extremely significant. Once you put it on the floor, you can be sure that no matter how long you keep them on the floor, there’s absolutely no worry about that!

Not just it is about your child, it is also for you or any other member of your family to walk upon.

Also, you can sit beside your kid and carry on with your works while watching your little one play!

Makes the floor look really good:

Of course, these playmats are useful but there is something good about it too, beyond its functionality.

The play mats come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and themes with various designs drawn on them.

Besides, you can choose any bright and attractive color to cover your floor. It will consequently work as a centerpiece of your room.

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The top 10 best floor mats for babies to make your kids’ space brighter and amazing:

When you have got so many options for play mats or floor mats available for your kids in the market, it is indeed very confusing to pick one and leave out the rest.

If you are planning for a recent purchase for your little ones, here is the list of the top 10 best floor mats for kids.

I hope you would let us know which of them worked best for you!

1.BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

This floor mat is one of the most popular among the kids. It comes with 36 tiles in 9 colors and 54 end borders (6 borders of each color).

The primary reason for which we make it stand as one of the best in the list of floor mats for babies is its anti-slip resistant advantage that ensures that no matter even if your kid is too naughty, you need not fear about his slipping down and get an injury.

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  • Certainly, comfort is one of the major reasons when you are purchasing a play mat for your tot.
  • It is absolutely lightweight. Hence, even if you are relocating, you can carry it along with you or alter rooms for your kids to play.
  • The floor mat comes with an interlocking feature which is super easy to assemble.
  • It comes with high-density EVA foam, and 0.4 inch thickness. This softness makes sure that the hips, spines or even the knees of your kids don’t get hurt even if they are playing on the hardwood floor for a long span.
  • This floor mat comprises of an anti-slip pattern on one side and a flat surface on the other face. This makes sure that your kid doesn’t trip!


  • Some critics say that it is too hard on the surface.

2. Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat is super sturdy, so even if you are planning to use one for lounging or to sit on it and watch movies, you can go for it!

Therefore, if you are looking for an extra room for your kids, this mat could be the one! It is a non-slip surface.

It is extremely comfortable to use, and the best part is that it is foldable.

So, even if you want to carry it to any beach or park, you may go ahead!

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  • It features fun and engaging textures to make sure that your kids’ motor skill development is not interrupted
  • There is a mirror padding, thus, your kids can take a glance of it which is ultimately amazing for face recognition. This is an adjustable mirror, so you can use the stand-alone system as you wish!
  • It is a compact model, thus, ensuring that you can fold it anytime and put at the back of your car if you are traveling.
  • This is a machine-washable mat.
  • It is a JPMA-certified play mat that meets the ASTM and federal safety standards.
  • Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat is quite good in terms of size. It is 59 inches by 39 inches in size.


  • Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat is something that most critics say that the carrots that are tucked in the surface are hard to get rid off!

3. ProSource Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes & Colors or Numbers & Alphabets

It is high time that you should get rid of those bulky mats. Instead, bring in a playmat that is easy to use and at the same time, your kids will start learning from this puzzle mat.

Your tots will play and learn together.

Thus, you will see that your kids will sit on the mat and continue playing with these pop-up pieces and alongside, you will be able to educate them with those letters and digits.

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  • Being a non skid surface, you can ensure that your kid won’t trip down easily
  • This floor mat is waterproof. Thus, you can wash it in a washing machine and get rid off the dirt particles.
  • It is absolutely lightweight. Hence, you can use it for bedrooms, day cares, preschools, and other play areas.
  • It is an easy to assemble puzzle mat. Quite interesting for your kids to spend hours on that!
  • This mat is extremely cushiony with a Each tile is 3/8-inch thick dense padding
  • The mat is composed of a non-toxic phthalates. Thus, we consider your kids’ well being.
  • It covers a large 6’x6’ area for exceptional coverage of the room.


  • It lacks traction and is not slippery on hardwood floors.

4. Uanlauo Baby Play mat

This playmat is perfect for babies and the best thing about this mat is its comfortability and durability.

Hence, we have kept it in the list of top floor mats for babies.

It is too handy and since it is sturdy enough, you can place it on your hardwood floor and kids can enjoy it as long as they want.

It is also waterproof and foldable, so you would definitely love to have it for your kids’ fun.

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  • It is free from toxic chemicals and is certified from BPA. Hence, it is tested strictly under the stringent US safety standards.
  • Even if you consider this mat for constant rough play, it won’t get worn out.
  • It is absolutely simple yet attractive. In case you do not want to decorate your room with too many bright colors, this could be an option to check out!
  • It is skid proof. Uanlauo is absolutely conscious about the kid’s safety measures. It takes care that the kids don’t trip on it and lead to any sort of injuries.
  • All you need is a wet towel to clean it at regular intervals. That’s all about its maintenance, nothing more!


  • It comes at a little expensive rate than the other products from this category.

5. Superjare 36 Pieces Baby Play Mat

Each and every parent wants to offer a healthy and hygienic play environment for their kids but at the same time, they do not want to destroy the look or feel of their rooms.

In this context, having a play mat that is stylish yet simple at the same time, it is important to check out the option that we have got in hand!

It is soft and your kids would certainly love the cushiony padding that it brings along!

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  • Superjare 36 Pieces Baby Play Mat is a 0.56 inches interlocking foam floor tiles with 16 patterns, perfect for your kids to keep playing.
  • The playmat is soft and thick. So, your kids would play in a safer area.
  • If the mat gets dirty, all you need is to wipe off the surface with a wet towel. That’s it and you are done!
  • This playmat is equipped with so many puzzles of animals and characters that the patterns are sure to stimulate your child’s imagination and help to develop themselves as a whole.
  • It is absolutely safe with zero choking hazards. The playmat is free of lead, chrome and phthalates.
  • It comes with a carry bag, thus, making it an awesome gift piece to the new parents.


  • A few parents say that although it serves its purpose really well, it is a bit overpriced.

6. Fun little toys 25PCs Baby Play Mat

Are you looking for ways to convert that boring room into an awesomely designed kindergarten? Here is the playmat you have been looking for!

Undoubtedly, it looks amazing and the best thing about this play mat is that there are so many cute animals that would stimulate your kids’ curiosity.

Also, the puzzles give them a comfortable space to learn to crawl and walk upon, and even the moms would also love to look at!

They come in such foam styles that would match the design and decor of any room.

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  • They come in simple and neutral colors, good enough for any room specification or preference of the parents.
  • The interlocking patterns that it is tightly packed and thus, the strings or threads won’t come apart.
  • The high-density EVA foam is absolutely amazing when it comes to the durability of the product.
  • It comes with a wide variety of cute animal patterns.
  • This baby crawling play mat- Flat Size: 45.5’’ x 45.5’’ good to go for quite an optimum amount of space for your kids.
  • It is water proof and stain resistant.
  • It has met the ASTM, CPSIA Standards.


  • There could be a bit variation in the order you place and the product you receive on delivery.

7. Bammax Play Mat

The soft and cushiony surface of this playmat makes it hold a place in the list of best floor mats for babies.

This is not just comfortable to use but at the same time, it is going to educate your kids while they play.

Besides, this playmat is absolutely easy to maintain. No matter even if your kid spills the chocolate or the cake or the ice cream, all you need is to bring a damp cloth and wipe it off!

Thus, you can make it look absolutely new as before without any hassle.

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  • This play mat is foldable. Hence, you can play on it and when not in use, fold it into a compact size and store it. Also, you will be able to carry it along with you for outdoor activities as well as at the time of relocation of your house.
  • Be it indoors or outdoors, this play mat would create a good place for your kids to play with a space of 77.5″ x 70″ Panda playmat.
  • It comes with a BPA free XPA material, thus, making sure that your kids are playing on a safe and hygienic environment.
  • The play mat has letters and alphabets written on it. Thus, you can play for hours on it as well as learn simultaneously.
  • It is a perfect place to teach your kids to crawl and stand or try walking.


  • A few users say that although this product is visually appealing, it has started getting indented marks and rips after a few months of usage.

8. Skip Hop Playspot Interlocking Foam Play Mat For Babies And Infants

Skip Hop has one of the best and widely recognized brands for babies and parents since 2003. Hence, we decided to include its floor mats for babies as one of the best floor mats for babies.

Well, it comes in a very decent color contrast – mostly available in cream or grey color shades.

Maintaining a balance of your kid’s choices and keeping a preference of your own towards your room decor is indeed a tough job to handle.

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  • 40 Foam Interlocking Pieces And 32 Foam Edge Tiles ensure that your kids are getting enough place to play.
  • It is available in trendsetting colors – perfect for the babies and their parents as well.
  • Includes extra edge pieces -40 triangles and 32 edge pieces
  • It is non-toxic and safe to be used with stress-free maintenance
  • It is absolutely easy to assemble.


  • The quality of this product is not up to the mark and it comes with indentations everywhere.

9. Gupamiga Baby Folding mat Play mat Extra Large Foam playmat Crawl mat

It is a double size baby play mat with amazing color options and waterproof surfaces. We have kept it in our list of the floor mats for babies due to the quality of this product.

The thickness of this mat is 0.4 inches which is quite apt for a play mat.

Also, it is portable, so you can carry it anywhere you want. It is extra-large in size and quite lightweight too!

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  • This foldable play mat is easy to carry anywhere. All you need is to pack it up and then put it in a case.
  • All you need is a damp cloth and a bit of sanitizer to clean the stains, foods or urine marks if any.
  • It is waterproof too.
  • Free from all kinds of toxic and harmful products, absolutely hygienic and safe for kids, toddlers and infants to rely upon.


  • It is quite filmsy.

10. Childlike behavior Baby Folding mat

You do not need to ruin the interior decor of your room anymore with those generic floor mats. Instead, these play mats with the image of sun, moon and the stars all around are sure to catch the attention of any kid.

It is absolutely ideal for any hardwood floor or tiles and toddlers would love to roll down, crawl, stand or walk and enjoy their tummy time on this mat. Your kid won’t get bored anyway!

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  • It comes with a nursing pillow
  • It comes with 100% plush polyester and concealed zipper
  • It is machine washable
  • Comes in neutral colors
  • The product constitutes of double layered minky fabric
  • It is free from lead, BPA materials, latex and phthalates or any other toxic chemicals. Thus, this eco-friendly product is just appropriate for your kids’ sensitive skin.
  • It comes in a matching gift bag
  • Each playmat contains 4 EXTRA LARGE pieces + 16 side fence pieces + 4 corner pieces – all of them fit together seamlessly to offer an attractive design.
  • The thickness was quite good for padding the floor.


  • It is quite annoying to some users while it comes to take down and put the mat up.

How to Choose a floor mat for babies?

When you get to see so many options for picking up a floor mat for your toddler, it may get really confusing!

However, here are a few tips and factors to consider so as to ensure that you pick up an item that fits your needs appropriately.

Soft floor mats:

These mats are the ones that are softer than the ground itself. These are indeed great for babies, particularly the ones that act as good shock absorbers.

Thus, these kinds of mats restrict your babies to get injured from common accidents like stumble and falls that are quite frequent at such an age.

Waterproof floor mats:

These kinds of floor mats need to be waterproof as well. This is to ensure that even if your toddlers pee over the mat, you need not worry since it is waterproof.

Also, they are easy to use, and you can even choose to feed your kids on it.

Customizable mats:

Based on the size of the floor and the amount of area you would like to cover, you can choose the play mat.

Also, if you have any particular specifications for color, you can always opt for that! Since kids mostly prefer to have bright colors and if they are designed with different themes – may be of cartoon characters, you may customize the mat accordingly.

Buying Guide Of best floor mat for babies

Choosing a floor mat for your toddlers would probably get a bit easier only if you stick to the tips that I have decided to list below:

Type and size:

When you are choosing a play mat, it is mostly recommended to measure the area of your floor at first and then move to the store or place an order.

Once you are aware of the floor size and the amount of space you would like to cover, make the purchase.

Also, focus on the fact that whether you need a regular mat, an area or a mat, or a floor runner.

Apart from that, since your kids would spend a large segment of their day playing on this mat, it is important that you buy one with cushiony padding so that your kids get all the comfort.


When you actually make a purchase of a floor mat, consider the design is vital. Pick one that matches the decor of your room.

Particularly, when you are getting a product for your kids, you must be choosing an item that matches the preferences of your kids.

Easy cleaning:

As your kids tend to play their games on the play mat, it is quite obvious that the mat will get dirty within a short span of time.

Therefore, easy cleaning is what most of us would look for! Applying just some water and a mild soap is enough!


The mat should be water-resistant. It is important to ensure that the play mat you are considering to purchase is waterproof so that even if your toddler spills that glass of milk or health drink on the play mat while playing, you need not rush to clean it off immediately. The water doesn’t emit foul smell either!


Often, we prefer to wash a play mat into a washing machine itself. Make sure that you read the specs well before purchase so that it doesn’t shed off!

Texture and style: It is important to consider that you purchase a floor mat for your kid that is comfortable enough! Texture and style are important factors to consider!

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User Guide Of The floor mat for babies

Having known quite a lot about the varieties of floor mats available for your kids, now we would like to introduce you to the factors that you would need to consider while purchasing a mat.

  • Make sure that the playmat you are purchasing covers the entire floor. If not, you will have to keep on worrying constantly about your kids going out of the perimeter of the floor mat. Thus, take the measurements of your floor area prior to the purchase.
  • Make sure that you get the mat installed appropriately. In case there is a loophole somewhere or the mat gets folded, your kids will stumble upon that leading to accidents.
  • Keep it clean and tidy. Dirty mats may lead to health complications. Well, this is because toddlers are often in a habit of picking up food items that may by chance fall on the mat while they were playing. Therefore, if the floor mat wasn’t clean enough, that won’t be hygienic to kids anyway. Hence, make sure that you maintain hygiene, always!

Top features Of a floor mat for babies?

While you are choosing a floor mat for your babies, here are a few tips to consider:

Anti-slip backing:

Since your kids have not yet got proper balance to stand up and walk, it is important that the mat comes with an anti-slip backing.

This would probably be the first place where your kids will take an attempt to crawl, roll and walk on.


Since kids often eat or drink on the playmat where they spend most of their time upon, spillage of food products is quite natural.

A water proof mat can be a savior in this context.

Neutral colors:

It is important to match the playmat with the decor of your room. See the style and design well before the purchase.

Padding should be proper:

Since you are going to put your child on it and the kid will spend a major portion of its day on this mat, it is essential to ensure that the mat comes with a proper cushiony padding so that the kid doesn’t get any pain from the hardwood floor or the tiles laid beneath.

Why do we recommend those floor mats for babies?

We have kept these above listed 10 floor mats for babies in the list of the best floor mats considering the safety and hygiene issues of these young kids of toddlers.

Purchasing a baby product is absolutely daunting and we have taken care of their comfort, health-conscious factors and as well as durability of the product at the same time.

We believe that balancing home decor with your kids’ necessities isn’t as easy as it seems!

These products have abided all the safety standards and at the same time, they are going good with the design and decor of the room, which is quite important for the parents to bother about! Hence, we have noted all the parameters and thus, prepared this list after quite a lot of research.

Why you should buy floor mats for babies from Amazon?

Amazon is one of the trusted sources to fetch your A-Z requirements. Whether it is a product of necessity or something to meet your luxury, Amazon keeps a stock for all of it.

Also, Amazon is a hub for genuine products and thus, we recommend the above-listed products from Amazon.

The e-commerce platform doesn’t only ensure delivery of the product at your door on time but at the same time, it makes sure that you are able to go through the customer reviews before making the purchase.

Bottom line:

We have assembled these products, considering them to have met all the requisites for being your kid’s favorite play area. There are products of different sizes, designs, material composition and price values as well.

Hope this content has been helpful to you!