When it comes to keeping your room clean and beautiful, you notice every possible thing. Anything that can add a scratch to the beauty of your room has to be treated. So, one such tool that helps you stay smooth is the best chair mat for carpet.

For those who have ever used a wheeled chair in a carpeted room, it is easy to understand why we are saying so.

It is quite tough to roll around on the chair wheels in a room with carpeting. So, to maneuver easily in your office or your home, without causing any kind of damage to the flooring, you should choose a chair mat that is ideal for use.

Why do you need the best chair mat for carpet?

Have you ever noticed that most of the flooring manufacturers void the warranties they offer if you don’t use chair mats?

Yes, now you know how important it is to have one. Not just because everyone else has it, but because it is genuinely useful, you need to own a good quality chair mat for carpets.

Looking for more reasons to convince yourself?

Here we mention them for you:

 To protect your carpet

Using wheeled chair on carpets damage them. The carpets that are used for flooring are clearly not designed to handle the pressure that rolling chairs generate.

It can just handle the force of a footstep and not the chair, which generated around 100 times more pressure than a footstep.

As a result, the carpet begins to break the backing while losing fibers. Using a chair mat helps spread the downforce and, thus, prevents any damage to the carpet.

To reduce fatigue

Casters or wheeled chairs move more smoothly and easily on carpet mats. In the absence of one, the user has to put much effort to move the chair.

Such frequent movements can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

When you use a chair mat, it lowers lower back and joint strain and reduces the likelihood of RSI.

Less maintenance

Apart from giving a professional feel, the use of chair mats also reduces the regular maintenance of floors. Usually, if you get your office floor cleaned once a month, with chair mats, the time span might increase.

It avoids the initial contact of the floor with any kind of dirt, dust or mildew.

A-List of Best Chair Mats for Carpets

There are several manufacturers that claim to create high-quality chair mats. However, you can’t reach out to all of them to find which one is the best.

Also, you don’t want to compromise on quality. So, to help you out with this, we have scoured the wide range of mats and shortlisted seven names that have come up as the best choices.

1. Marvelux Enhanced Polymer Eco-Friendly Office Chair Mat

Marvelux polymer chair mat is designed exclusively for standard or low pile carpets. The mat is hard enough to absorb the downforce and protect the carpet from being damaged.

The grip of the mat is quite strong and stays in place.

The point to note is that the mat is perfect for light to medium use. Using it extensively might lead to its damage within a few days of the use.

The measurements of the mat are 48” * 60,” i.e., larger size and thus is shipped rolled.

Apart from providing effective carpet protection, this chair mat is sound absorbent and suitable for underfloor heating.

What makes it a great buy is its production – up to 25% recycled materials are used for it. This makes the mat environment friendly. So, when you buy this, know that you have contributed to your mother Earth in your own little way.

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  • Sound absorbent
  • Easy to clean
  • No toxin or odor
  • Planet-friendly


  • Does not bend. Very low flexibility.

2. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

AmazonBasics presents this super sexy crystal-clear rectangular chair mat that is a complete package of whatever you could ever ask for.

This chair mat is made of polycarbonate that makes it perfect for the protection of thick pile carpets.

With no worries, you can now roll your chair and not damage the beautiful carpet you chose for your workspace. The mat is rectangular in shape with 47” * 59” dimensions.

It has a great grip back that gives maximum stability on the carpet, and the textured top ensures controlled movement of the chair.

Unlike other mats that take 72 hours to be flat, this mat instantly flattens and stays so even when used. The mat provides easy to glide surface without curling, flexing, or cupping.

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  • Highly sturdy and durable
  • Lays flat as soon as removed from the box.
  • Made of polycarbonate that gives long-life protection to the carpeted floor.
  • It doesn’t flex when used.


  • Super sharp but small bottom spikes
  • Not actually a con, but it literally explodes open. So, make sure you don’t hurt yourself while unrolling it.

3. Marvelux 47” * 53” Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat

Marvelux presents to you a heavy-duty office chair mat, which is made of 100% polycarbonate.

This makes it tough, sturdy, and durable enough to provide ultimate carpet protection for several years. It is a lip chair mat that makes a perfect choice for office desks.

If you’re looking for a mat that’s perfect for low, medium and even heavy use, you’ve just now discovered the best option available.

The high-impact strength of the mat allows easy glide surface that, in turn, provides extra comfort and ease of movement.

So, reduced fatigue. The premium studded back to give the mat a good grip over the carpet to nullify any kind of movement when in use.

Also, the mat is very easy to maintain and requires no chemicals but just soapy water.

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  • No odor, toxins, cadmium, tin, and lead.
  • Extremely lightweight but incredibly tough.
  • Environment is friendly.
  • Made of good quality polycarbonate.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Razor sharp edges might hurt someone.

4. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Chair Mat

AmazonBasics has another chair mat to ensure your carpeted floor remains as soft and smooth as you bought it from the store.

So, it presents this polycarbonate heavy duty chair mat that is ideal for all low, medium, standard, plush pile carpets, and even for hard floors.

It means no restrictions on what surface to use it. The polycarbonate high gauge protectors make the chair mat lay completely flat and rigid.

The mat won’t ever curl, flex or cup but will always provide you a flat, easy, glide rolling surface.

What makes this product stand out is the heavy-duty feature that makes it suitable for users up to 500 lbs.

The measurements of the mat are 46” * 60” and are available in a rectangular shape. The weight and gauge of the mat ensure its stability on all surfaces, be it carpet or hard floor. It has a smoothly textured top surface for better and controlled movement of the caster.

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  • Incredibly hard wearing and durable
  • Crystal clear mat
  • Thick polycarbonate material
  • Grippy textured top surface
  • Ideal for use on any surface


  • No rug- retention spikes
  • Heavy and inflexible
  • Brittle material

5. MuArts [Upgraded Version] Crystal-Clear Heavy-Duty Chair Mat

MuArts upgraded version chair mat is a transparent or crystal-clear mat. The transparency allows the carpet or flooring pattern to be seen clearly through the mat.

The mat has the dimensions of 47” * 35” and is 0.2 inches thick.

It weighs about 14 lbs that give you an idea that it is the heaviest as compared to several other mats. The mat is made of odorless and non-toxic, special material that has the ability to withstand a pressure of 1200 lbs. That’s quite huge.

The MuArts chair mat serves a dual purpose as it is suitable for both carpet and hard floor. The mat looks similar to a glass mat but is way stronger than it.

The only con that happens to exist is that the mat can neither be folded nor curled.

So, it lays completely flat all the time. This makes its installation quite difficult without an assistant. The non-breakable mat is way ahead of the ordinary chair mats for carpet and works wonders.

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  • Can be used on both carpet and hard floor
  • Rock solid and crystal clear
  • Extremely strong grip on the surface


  • Quite heavy
  • Completely inflexible
  • Installation requires help

6. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat 60” * 48” for Plush Pile Carpets

Floortex specializes in desk and chair mats. So, you can expect high-quality products from it.

With a wide range of chair mats of different types – exclusively for hard floors or carpeted floors – it provides every kind of chair mat you would need.

This mat is made of polycarbonate that makes it tough and hard enough to bear a huge amount of downforce.

With incredibly long life, the mat is a perfect pick for everyone who is tired of looking for a new mat every year.

The anti-slip coating of the mat allows a firm grip on the surface to avoid its slipping. So now, you need not rip, snag, or damage your expensive carpet.

It is a large, rectangular chair mat that doesn’t discolor, crack, or smell. Its transparency is high enough to allow the carpet to show through.

So, without looking intrusive in your workspace, it lies there, silently, but helping you a lot to balance your lifestyle. With no fatigue or injury chances, you are all set to choose Floortex over anything.

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  • Crystal clear
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides easy gliding surface for the chair
  • Does not dent with regular use


  • Extensive use might crack the mat.
  • Higher initial cost

7. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat with Lip 47” * 35” for Plush Pile Carpets

From its splendid collection of chair mats for carpet, Floortex brings you the brilliant options of all, exclusively for plush pile carpets.

Although the brand offers a lot more, you need not look further once you get hold of this ultimate chair mat.

Made of polycarbonate, the chair mat is super hard and tough that makes it long-lasting and ideal for everyday use.

With the dimensions of 47” * 35”, this is a rectangular mat that makes a great choice for several office layouts.

The mat is hard enough to lie flat and stay flat. It has a gripper back that provides it with the required hold on the carpet.

Free from PVC, the mat is child and pet safe. So, no more worries when you use a mat. All you need to do is sit back on your caster and roll to work for most of your efficiency.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to care
  • Reasonably priced


  • Small spikes at the bottom

 How to choose a chair mat for carpet?

Chair Mat

Chair Mat

It is often a case that people don’t know how to find out if a mat is right for their workspace or not. Need not worry.

We mention below some guidelines to help you find the perfect chair mat for your office to add up to its comfort and efficiency.

Chair mat thickness

Make sure to check the thickness of a chair mat before you make your decision. The mat you choose has to be thick enough for your flooring. A mat that is too thin can crack within a few weeks of use.

You need to choose the mat thickness depending on the thickness of your carpet. However, if you aren’t too sure about the carpet thickness, sizing up for a mat is a good option.

A thick chair mat causes no harm but provides extra support, comfort, and protection.

Chair mat shape

Basically, chair mats are available in three basic shapes, namely rectangular, light bulb, and lip. Among these, a rectangular-shaped chair mat is the most versatile one and suits most of the office layouts.

If you have corner desks or I-shaped desks in your office or home, you should opt for light bulb shaped chair mats.

The lip chair mat is ideal for a rectangular writing table or desk and U-workstation.

Chair mat size:

Selecting the chair mat shape alone won’t do any good if you end up choosing the wrong size. The mat isn’t of any use unless it is the right size for your work area.

Now, the ideal size of a chair mat varies as per layouts and desks and, thus, depends on your roll area.

Note the farthest points of workspace and go for a mat that covers the whole of that area. Keep in mind that the mat shouldn’t be so large that you end up putting it under the furniture.

It won’t be able to handle so much downforce and will develop cracks in no time.


Last but definitely not least, the price of the mat would affect your purchase decision. People have a mentality that higher the price of a product, the better the quality.

The concept is somewhat true, but you also need to consider other factors before choosing a mat, no matter how highly-priced it is.

Buying Guide for a chair mat for carpet

Buying Guide of a Chair Mat

Buying a good chair mat for carpet can sometimes be a tough task because of its variety in styles. So, you need to keep a lot of things in your mind while choosing one.

What are those things that can affect your decision or choice?

We mention below the categories you need to be careful about and then make a nice, fulfilling choice.


Chair mats are available in different styles like workstation chair mat and lipped chair mat.

The former one is a corner-style workstation mat that has an extended lip-edge and a rounded triangular chair that allows the caster to roll closer to the working desk.

On the other hand, the latter is a rectangular shaped mat with a similar rectangular extension on one edge. This is to allow the mat to fit as closer as possible to the desk.


As different mats have different functions, you need to be sure about the functions of the mat that you’re buying.

A low pile carpet mat is good for moderate use at home, and a medium pile carpet mat is better suited for everyday office use.

The high pile carpet mat makes a good pick for extensive use. You also have an extra-high pile carpet mat, which is again suited for highly extensive use.

Apart from this, light-use or heavy-use hard floor mat, flat pile carpet mat, and flat-to-low pile carpet mat are also among the available options. Choose according to your requirement.

Designer Finishes

Select designer chair mats are represented by varying finishing styles. The brushed steel finish features soft, silver-colored finishing, and metallic bronze finish refers to the mauve metallic colored designing finish on the mat.

You also have the world map finish, which features world map patterns and the zebra print finish that has a black and white striped design. Interesting? It certainly is.

User Guide of the chair mat for carpet

Using a chair mat for carpet is nothing like winning a war. It is as simple as you expect it to be. just place it on the carpet where you will be placing the wheeled chair.

It is to protect your carpet and flooring from the pressure of the caster, so make sure you place it in the right area.

This is all you need to do. But there are a few points that you need to keep in mind to ensure better care and long life of the mat. What are they?

Find out below:

  • Cleated chair mats are specified for use on carpeted floors. Using it directly on a hard surface like tiles, wood, concrete, vinyl, and stone can affect its durability.
  • If you receive a chair mat in a rolled manner, unroll it as soon as you get it and place it on a flat surface. If a chair mat is kept rolled for a lot of time, it might take around 72 hours for it to come back in its original shape.
  • It is advised to allow the folding chair mats to sit at room temperature for a minimum of four hours before unfolding it.
  • To clean the chair mat, use a damp cloth with mild soap. Wipe it off gently with the soap cloth and then with a clean, dry cloth.
  • To clean off any stubborn dirt on the mat, use a soft brush. However, don’t rub it too hard, or it will damage the cleats.
  • Make sure to let the mat dry completely after cleaning before you place it back for use.
  • Avoid exposing chair mat to direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Chair mats are not advised to be used in areas where there is moisture under the carpet or where it is exposed to temperatures below 16 degree Celsius or above 35 degree Celsius.
  • Cleated chair mats demand more care.

Why did we recommend those mats for carpets?

As you have already checked out, we have mentioned seven best chair mats that are available on Amazon. We say that all these products are worth checking out and if you any of them, you won’t be disappointed.

How and why do we claim this? Amazon, being the largest online selling platform, is the most trusted retailer that has built customer trust.

The reasons we have chosen the products on the list are as below:

  • The chair mats mentioned in the list have a lot of positive reviews and an excellent rating. This shows that the customers who have purchased them earlier are very satisfied with the quality. This is what has allowed the mats to make a place in our list.
  • All the chair mats for carpets that have been mentioned above are among the best sellers of Amazon. And to let you know, Amazon has a customer base of more than 112 million U.S. users. So, if a product is in its best-selling list, it means that it is genuinely good and satisfying.
  • The chair mats for carpets have detailed and thorough product descriptions. This makes it easier for the buyer to know if the product he’s checking out is worth his time or not. When you know about all the features of a product in a comprehensive way, it becomes much more convenient to make the right decision.

Why should you buy chair mats from Amazon?

Often, there are cases when buyers fear to buy anything online. And in cases where they don’t, they seem to be quite confused about choosing the right platform to invest.

Let’s be very practical. No person wants to invest in a good which has no warranty, or which comes from a doubtful retailer.

If you too are among such people, here we have enough reasons to convince you that there is no better platform than Amazon to buy goods from.

Safe and secure:

Unlike several other online retailers, Amazon takes great pains to make sure the personal information of its customers is safeguarded.

You would never witness any scenario where the customers’ data gets leaked from Amazon.

Most Trusted:

During online shopping, there are cases when people pay for something else and receive something else. No, that’s not Amazon’s thing at all. It makes sure you receive exactly what you’ve spent money on.

Good customer service:

You can believe that the customer service at Amazon is literally the best in the world. It is friendly, efficient, and resolves any issue as quickly as possible.

Amazon values its customers a lot and makes sure they don’t have to suffer because of its service.

Return policy:

Amazon has a liberal return policy that makes the complete process hassle-free.

User review and rating system: Amazon has a very effective user review and rating system that allows you to know how satisfied other customers are from a particular product.

Choosing a product with good reviews and ratings is unlikely to disappoint you in any case.

Product description:

Amazon views the most accurate and complete product descriptions to make it easier for you to evaluate the product before you make a decision regarding its purchase.

Amazon prime:

The Amazon offers prime subscriptions at a very affordable rate. You can go for a monthly or annual subscription (annual preferred) as per your choice.

It includes a bundle of advantages like overnight delivery, free shipping same-day delivery, and discounted rates along with access to exclusive amazon original shows and movies on its Amazon Prime app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are chair mats made of?

The manufacture of chair mats differs as per model requirement. However, most of the mats available on Amazon are made of high-quality plastic, polycarbonate, class, or premium vinyl and offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Are different thicknesses available for chair mats?

Yes, chair mats are available in different thicknesses. To mention generic categories, viscosities are available in the economy, value, standard, premium, deluxe, and intermediate categories.

  • Why do you need a chair mat?

A chair mat is important to protect your carpet from wear and tear of a wheelchair. It helps the carpet last longer and keeps the flooring from damage.

Chair mats are also important for reducing fatigue and avoiding injuries.

For a detailed explanation, look up in the article for the section “Why do you need the best chair mat?”

  • Do chair mats crack with time?

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind regarding the use of chair mats. If you choose a high-quality mat (anyone from the above list) and use it with proper care, you’ll see it working for years without any disruption.

  • How to clean chair mats?

Cleaning chair mat is one of the easiest things to do. All you need is a damp cloth with mild soap. Wipe the mat using this cloth and use a clean, dry cloth to dry it.

If there is any stubborn dust or dirt, you can use a soft brush to clean it.

However, in no case should you rub it hard, or it will damage the cleats.

  • How to unroll the chair mat?

The right way to unroll the chair mat is to do it room temperature. It takes time for a rolled mat to regain its position.

Just unroll the pack, lay it on a flat surface, and put a small weight on the corners to make sure it stays in that position until the time it requires no weight.

  • Should there be any particular type of caster for chair mats?

Not really. But it is suggested to choose a chair with soft casters and wide wheels. Avoiding narrow, steel caster chairs are a great option.

  • What is the right way to place the mat?

The smooth surface of the mat is to be placed directly against the surface, whereas the textured surface faces up (on which the chair will move).

  • Can you use mats that are specifically made to be used on carpets on a hard floor?

Hell no. This is the biggest mistake people make. Doing so reduces the life of the mat by affecting the cleats. This also voids the warranty on the mat.


Chair mats for carpets are to help you balance your life and tasks whenever is the need. Make sure to buy the best chair mat that is ideal enough to suit your budget and your needs.

Not just the carpet mat provides you with a balanced lifestyle, but it also reduces the chances of any joint injury, stain, or fatigue.

It avoids any stress or pain that your body has the opportunity to experience in the future. A good quality chair mat in your life is vital for you to experience complete solace and ecstasy.

So, protect your carpeted flooring with high-end chair mats that are mentioned above and give your life a smooth turn.