Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat of very good quality is a vital requirement of the home gym. It is advisable to use the mat for all kinds of physical exercises – fitness regiments as well as yoga. Mats of different types are available according to the purpose.

It is very important to choose a mat with the right thickness, size, and texture. Being of non-slip nature, the exercise mat ensures the safety of the hands, legs and the body as a whole while performing physical exercises.

Exercise mat reduces the chances of getting injured during exercises. Good quality exercise mats are quite durable and are not expensive also. Those who undertake the practice of yoga opt for a rather thin mat that is non-skid.

At the same time, those who practice heavy workouts go for thicker mats. However, there are exercise mats that suit to all types of exercises. Here we speak about the best exercise mat which is ideal for all types of workout.

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GoYoga All-Purpose High-Density Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Mat has emerged as Amazon’s No.1 bestseller. There are more than 1000 five-star reviews on this product. This mat is made of high-density foam and its length is 71 inches. Both sides of this mat are provided with cushion and non-slip traction.

So, the user can perform his workout on either side of the mat. Since both sides are used the mat will last for a longer period. Users with sensitive skin also will find this mat very comfortable. It can be easily cleaned using water and detergent.

This exercise mat is available in a variety of colors and it has a two-year warranty also.

What can I use instead of an exercise mat?

Though exercise mat is the best option for those who perform physical exercises daily there are alternatives also. Towels which are specially made of wicking material can also be used for doing the workout.

These towels are technically made for using along with the mat. However, they can be used without a mat also. Those who perform yoga and other types of workout may use gloves and socks also instead of the mat.

They also have the same grip that one experiences with the mat. The difference is that the user will get the grip only at crucial parts of the body like palms and soles. Those who perform the high-intensity workouts and need protection for knees, buttocks and back may not opt for gloves and socks.

Gloves and socks can be easily carried in a travel bag. At the home gym, a carpet or rug can be used as an alternative to exercising mat. For those who perform yoga, a wood floor is considered a better option than the mat.

While doing standing postures and arm balances the wood floor provides a stable surface. The wood floor may not be comfortable for kneeling type exercises.

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How do I keep my exercise mat from sliding?

After purchasing a new exercise mat, if it is found sliding always, anyone will feel miserable. Here are a few tips to make the new mat non-slippery.

The user may choose one side of the mat and practice on that side. By using the same side regularly for 10-15 days the mat becomes less slippery.

Prior to starting the regimen spray a little water on the mat and spread a cotton towel on the mat. Now the sweaty palm and feet won’t slip.

When a quick-drying microfiber towel is spread on the mat there will be no slipping. It will be more comfortable for the user to do the workout.

In case the chemical finish of the mat causes slipping, the finish may be wiped out using apple cider vinegar.

If the mat is made of PVC it can be made no-slippery just by washing.

Another method to make the mat non-slippery is rubbing with salt. After rubbing the mat with salt leave the mat as it is for 24 hours. Then wash off the salt with water and wipe with sponge.

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