Plan Mat For Baby

Plan Mat For Baby

The best play mat for baby ensures the most comfortable place for the baby to lie down and view around. An important feature of the playmat is the removable toys that will keep the baby engaged.

Thanks to the music and the set of toys the baby will never get bored. The playmat facilitates the motor development of the baby by responding with lights and sound.

For every movement of the baby, there will be a response from the mat. The music system of the playmat plays up to 20 minutes. When the family undertakes a trip this play mat with all its accessories can be easily folded up.

The entire play mat can be made a part of their bag and baggage without any hassles. Thus the baby can have the comfort of the playmat wherever it goes.
Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym is the best choice of play mat from Amazon.

This playmat keeps the baby happy and cheerful all along. The mat ensures the baby not only comfortable sleep but also a variety of toys, lights, and music.

This playmat is not a very expensive product. Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym mat assures the baby the best set of toys and the most comfortable mat.

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When should I start using an activity mat?

The parents can start using the activity mat from the third month after the birth of the baby. Babies who are 3 – 9 months old will have maximum enjoyment with the activity mat. As far as its growth and learning are concerned the first 12 months are very crucial.

The best quality activity mat will last for not less than 12 months. Hence parents may invest in an activity mat in the third month after the birth of the baby. At this stage, the activity mat makes the playtime of the baby exciting with colors, sound, lights and views.

The animal toys and the rattles of the activity mat effectively create curiosity in the baby’s mind. The activity mat with its toys and lights makes the baby more aware of its surroundings. The entire activity mat is made of very soft fabric and the toys or music are not very loud.

The toys are given a cool finish. The activity mat provides sufficient space for the baby to learn to roll. The baby can very comfortably rollover on the mat. The fluffy, soft surface of the mat is ideal for the baby to play as well as sleep.

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Is foam play mat safe?

All baby products that are made of foam are 100% safe. Foam replaces plastics and various other materials that may carry traces of chemicals on them. The foam which is a product made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is completely free of BPA and plasticizers.

In fact plasticizers are not used for manufacturing EVA foam. EVA Foam is very stable also. Unlike the plastic products, EVA foam never releases harmful gases or chemicals.

It is also scientifically proved that the level of formamide in EVA foam is negligible and does not cause concern.

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